Luxurious Dining Room Ideas By Top Interior Designer Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer and art director in the Powerhouse studio in Amsterdam, who designs architectural, interior and industrial projects.


Surrounded by the style of Marcel Wanders, who often mixes innovative materials and techniques with references to historical styles and archetypes, this dining area‘s details of typical Dutch typology create a monumental and refined feeling all over.


This luxury dining room exhibits an exclusive ceramic porcelain plate collection, a remarkable mosaic wall and a built-in cabinet made of copper. Its centerpiece is a white marble dining table with a copper extension to facilitate food preparation and reinforce eventful dining.


For this project, Marcel Wanders based himself in nature: fire, air and earth became his inspiration for this ambitious residential project in Quito. This brilliant design is inspired by the local plant and animal life in order to bring the luxuriant natural surrounding the building.


This dining room from an indulgent five-star hotel where guests are rejuvenated by pampered recreation is nestled on a magnificent beach. Marcel Wanders‘ luxurious setting uses transparencies, whites and reflective surfaces to create a flow of openness. Moreover, it emphasizes craft and tactile design, reinforcing the Mallorquin style and inspiring guests with the scenery of Spain.


The interior designer‘s project Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam features chandeliers encased inside huge bells and wallpaper that combines fish with cutlery. As it occupies a 35-year-old library building in the center of Amsterdam, Marcel Wanders wanted his design to incorporate elements of the city’s heritage alongside imagery from historic books.



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Even if the project’s goal is to fit baby furniture into a house without disrupting the parents’ lifestyle with the arrival of a newborn; this top interior designer can do it all. This space combines functionality and safety with luxury and iconic design.


A large modern dining table with rounded lines plays on the contrast between the top – with its dynamic hanging lighting – and the solid, robust frame.


In most households, the table is the central piece of the dining room, the heart around which families gather, entertain and relax. Many special memories revolve around its steady presence. With their graceful look and refined details, this contemporary interior design by Marcel Wanders brings a touch of style to any moment.


marcel wanders

Marcel Wanders creates projects that excite, provoke and never fail to surprise. This ultra-luxurious Mediterranean villa breathes sophistication and is a state-of-the-art residence that introduces the modern to the classic and the present to the futuristic. With bold, juxtaposed tactile surfaces, this house inspires and redefines contemporary luxury living.


Marcel Wanders‘ rooms represent a very essential form of communication, always generating a welcoming ring that brings people together for festivities and congregations.


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