Astonishing Ideas Of How To Place Your Table In The Dining Room

A dining room should accommodate both elegant feasts and everyday meals, reflect your home’s style, and fit your space. Figure out the perfect layout with our go-to-tips, whether you have a formal room or an open concept.


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When choosing a table for your dining room, consider the space’s dimensions, how many people you’ll eventually want to seat, and your entertaining style.


As your table shouldn’t disrupt the natural traffic flow of the dining room, consider the main pathways and leave adequate space between the table and the walls/thoroughfares. For a formal dining room, a good rule is to leave a gap of at least 36 inches on all sides, so that occupants of the table have room to push their chairs in and out when sitting.


For open layouts, anchor your table by centering it in front of a wall, a bank of windows, or underneath a light fixture to delineate a distinct dining area design.


As you can see in the pictures above, a bank of windows can make a small dining room seem much larger.


And never hesitate in placing modern dining tables underneath a smashing light fixture. It will undoubtedly illuminate any meal.


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Placing a dining table in a built-in banquette seating is a great choice if you want to add seating and make your room design look bigger while you’re actually saving space.


Placing a dining table on a rectangular or oval rug – even if neutral-colored –, is actually the simplest way to delineate your dining area and immediately distinguish its surrounding spaces. Plus, if it is a plush rug, it will warm up the dining room in a lovely way.


Take advantage of dead spaces to place your dining table. For instance, positioning it under the stairs is a great example of floor space optimization, but never purchase a table without verifying that it will clear the doorway of the room it’s going to occupy.


Aligning a long plank dining table in front of a fireplace will result in a symmetric dining design with and clean lines, while still astonishing sophisticated.


And, to close it up, here’s a bold idea of how to turn a kitchen into a dining room without cramming the house: in a room with end-to-end concrete counters and custom steel cabinets, place a long modern dining table to echo a home’s industrial-chic vibe. Look how simple it still looks!

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