Gurumê Luxury Restaurant by Bernardes Arquitetura

To create this luxury restaurant the Brazilian architecture firm Bernardes Arquitetura has worked with the restaurant entrepreneur Jerome Bocayuva, the Chef Kanashiro Adriano and the Wheat Group. In addition to the club-like aspect, the restaurant serves as a culinary attraction to Rio de Janeiro. Scroll with us and take a look for yourself!


Gurumê Luxury Restaurant by Bernardes Arquitetura


Gurumê Luxury Restaurant by Bernardes Arquitetura

The Brazilian architect Thiago Bernardes and Bernardes Arquitetura – his firm worked to pull off a new sushi bar – Gurumê. In terms of design, this bar toys with the norms of similar restaurants to grab a new sense of sophistication.


Gurumê Luxury Restaurant by Bernardes Arquitetura


The interior of the bar features the traditional Japanese culture surrounding sushi cuisine. But, the dancing club culture of Rio de Janeiro also leaves a mark in the place.


The turquoise walls match the charm and glamour of the woodwork. The woodwork extends to the length of the dining area enhancing the tunnel effect already present in the restaurant.


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The tunnel dining area unveils two other sections of the restaurant, the sushi bar, and the outside, which works as an inviting area.



The white glossy sushi bar represents a fluid version of the starkly stepped bars that are usually found in sushi restaurants.


The bar and the walls are made from the same materials as the dining tables, allowing a sense of harmony to be installed.


This combination of a dance floor and tunnel club lounge provide a modern inspirational look with a classic sophisticated design.


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