Amazing Cubist-Inspired Modern Dining Tables

Cubism furniture is a leading trend in the art of the twentieth century, and cubist modern dining tables have a lasting impact on the decorative interiors.

Designed by Picasso and Braque, geometric shapes and forms have been considered by the designers a must have: from functional homewares to decorative objects, from furniture to architecture. Perfect for those who do not like boredom in their dining area, we share some amazing cubist-inspired modern dining tables.

24ct gold-plated Gold Quartz table by Juan and Paloma Garrido.

modern dining tables

Mild-steel and slate Vos Altair table by Xandre Kriel. For him, form was subservient to materials, but other designers have used the complexity of irregular angles to draw attention to their technical skill. Each of Altair’s steel faces is slightly different, so they have to be welded by hand, a process requiring incredible delicacy and precision.

modern dining tables

A cubist extending dining table featuring a top and deep skirt in burl ash which extends via built in pull-out leaves on each end. The base of the table is in deep brown lacquered oak and consists of two cubist square pedestals that sit on a raised rectangular base, French, circa 1930s.

modern dining tables

Cubist dining table by Matthews Designs

modern dining tables

Faubourg Dining Table

modern dining tables
Delaunay Dining Table

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Dining table with curved base Cubist, Reflex Angelo.

Primitive Table by Ammann Gallery

Divided Lands Dining Table in Etched Zinc and Elm Smoke by Studio Roeper

Charles Hollis Jones Metric Collection Dining Table

Paul Evans Cityscape Pedestal Dining Table Base

Unik Dining Table by Roche Bobois

The exciting thing about furniture and with a cubist aesthetic is that it is rare for any two sides to be the same. This does mean that these pieces need to be placed in the center rather than towards the edge of a dining room, but when walking around them brings such rich visual rewards, who could possibly object?

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