Brooke Davis Designed A Very Creative Dining Table

Austin Texas based designer Brooke Davis designed a very creative dining table, amongst other designs furniture using digital tools like CAD and a CNC machine. While they are often used for manufacturing and mass production, these tools can be used for other product design, like her modern dining table Tablescape No. 1.

The dining table’s top has an almost topographical map-like look or even veins in the body. Made out of maple, the table seats eight and features an opening down the center giving it even more of a sculptural feel. Imagine this feeling in the middle of a dining room!

Brooke Davis

The design itself evokes everything from a topographical map to a Georgia O’Keeffe painting, from Lucio Fontana’s slit canvases to a fantastical door. Davis herself refrains from indicating her inspiration, noting that “an object should beg to be discovered, for when one is enamored with an object, it transcends words.”

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Brooke Davis

And if the hard rock maple seems to underscore the natural reference points—creeping tendrils, roots or vines—it’s worth noting that the digital design tools allow Davis to create works in any size or material choice.

Brooke Davis

Brooke M Davis Design blurs the line between artisan and designer by combining artistic expression with design precision to produce luxury craftsmanship. The process involves coupling mass production techniques like computer aided design with hands-on master craftsmanship to create in new and exciting one of a kind results.

Brooke Davis The collections range from high-end one-of-a-kind pieces to limited run productions. With quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, every piece is made to order with quality in mind.