Go Green: Meet The Renewable Dining Chair

Nowadays, a modern dining room means not only having furniture with a modern style and design, now to be modern also means to be aware of our impact in the environment. This is why today we will present you a renewable dining chair that you will need in your modern dining room. ByALEX has created a dining chair all made with renewable materials. Go Green: Meet The Renewable Dining Chair

Instead of using regular wood, which take so many years to grow before it can be harvested for furniture, ByALEX has made this chair with bamboo, which grows in only 6 years and it’s as strong as regular furniture. Take a look into this amazingly designed and super eco-friendly renewable dining chair.

Go Green: Meet The Ecological Dining Chair

As you can see, this renewable dining chair is not only amazing because its ecological, this dining chair also looks very beautiful and it can look perfect in any contemporary dining room.

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Go Green: Meet The Ecological Dining Chair

The seat and backrest are made from molded plywood to make the chair more comfortable. Those are then covered in linoleum, which is made from 93% natural materials.

Go Green: Meet The Ecological Dining Chair Here you can see a detail of this beautiful wood, it looks stunning. When presented with such a styled and well designed eco-friendly option, it’s even difficult not to go green.

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Go Green: Meet The Renewable and Ecological Amazing Dining Chair

As ByALEX says: “A chair for everyday and good for your neighbourhood”. Be inspired by this amazing design.

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Source: Design Milk