Top 100 Interior Designers: Brilliant Dining Rooms by OITOEMPONTO

Oitoemponto means “eight o’clock” in Portuguese. The company emerged in 1993 from the perfect alchemy between two strikingly different but terribly complementary personalities. It is almost the ideal success story. Here you can find the story of two brilliant Portuguese interior designers and get amazed by 10 of their sophisticated dining rooms.


With Artur Miranda’s experience of the world of fashion and design, he set himself apart by his decidedly modern vision of decoration, a clearly marked desire to break with the established codes and dare the most unexpected combinations, while at the same time fostering and developing an innate sense of color. As you can understand by this brilliant and very creative dining area design.


Jacques Bec brings to the duo a refreshing enthusiasm and the French touch, as well as the precious know-how acquired during his studies at the Met de Penninghen graphic arts school in Paris. The image above is the perfect example for the Jacques Bec french design touch.

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Together, the two designers created Oitoemponto and now they create sublime décors for dozens of lucky people. Each production is the fruit of long hours of coordination during which the lifestyle of the client is examined in minute detail in order to create an optimum match for their needs and wishes.

The result of Oitoemponto is a subtle mixture of the owners’ tastes and the incomparable talent of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda. Unique places, at once refined and convenient to live in, bright and discreet, modern and timeless.


You can see here an example of a dining room delicately joyous and chic atmosphere, just like the two designers.

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Another great example of the amazing combination of the different design styles present in Oitoemponto work various works.

 Here you can find another amazing dining room design by Oitoemponto. This dining area is very creative and, at the same time, very sophisticated. The play with the colors is simply brilliant.

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In this dining room, Oitoemponto have chosen a chandelier as a statement piece. It looks amazing and nobody can be indifferent in this magnificent dining area.

The bold choices on the carpets of the dining areas are another important element of Oitoempondo design works. Here you can see how the carpet makes all the difference in the entire dining room.

Finally, another great dining room area by Oitoemponto for your guests to be astonished by. Nobody can be indifferent with a room like this.

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