Top 5 Dining Room Ideas From The Best Designers In Italy

The Italian design reflects the country’s diversity in terms of both design and history. Just like Italy’s history, the design of this country is strongly marked by a regionalism that is expressed in art. Italian design is characterized by its strong features of eclecticism, diversity and an artistic feeling that encourages experimentation. This article is inspired by contemporary designers in Italy and their brilliant dining room ideas.

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Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain but today she lives and works in Milan, Italy. She attended the Faculty of Architecture at the Madrid Polytechnic and Politecnico di Milano. After she graduated, she started working for Maddalena de Padova’s product development office. Eventually, she was put in charge of this office and today Patricia Urquiola is one of the greatest designers and one of the greatest inspirations of the modern times.

This is a modern, simple and yet brilliant dining room idea from Patricia Urquiola, one of the best designers in ItalyThe vibrant colors give an unique feeling to the entire room.

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Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran have their own individual experience regarding interior design projects, however it was when they decided to work together that everything changed. In 2003, they founded DIMORESTUDIO. Today they are known world wide and they are, without a doubt, part of the group of the best designers in Italy.

This is a perfect example and a great inspiration from the work of DIMORESTUDIO. This dining room is a part of Fendi Palazzo (Rome, Italy).


Matteo Nunziati is one of the best designers in Italy and his services include not only interior design but also interior space planning, architecture, FF&E, furniture, lighting and covering supplier selection, on site coordination. Matteo Nunziati‘s office is in Milan and it was inaugurated in 2000.

This dining room belongs to a private home in one of the high-rise residence buildings of Bosco Verticale, in Milan. In 2015, the interior designer and architect Matteo Nunziati won the Best Tall Building Award with the magnificent creation of this building.

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Andrea Fogli is a famous interior and furniture designer. His studio is called “Andrea Fogli Studio” and it is based in Milan. He is mostly known for the creativity and originality of his projects in hotels, restaurants and private houses.

This is a brilliant dining room project in a cottage in the marvelous Tuscany (Porto Ercole, Italy).


Francesca Bortolotto Possati is native from Venice and among all of her professional occupations such as being an author, entrepreneur, hotelier and philanthropist, she is also a great interior designer from Italy. She has been very involved in the cultural life of Venice over the years and, in 2008, she was the only female CEO in her city.

dining room

Brilliant dining room inspiration in Villa F. (Venice, Italy)

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