Dining Room Ideas by Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen, an inspiration in the world of interior design, offers a bold style at home mixed with her thirst for statement pieces and adornment.

Kelly Hoppen is one of greatest interior designers inspirations of all times, is a world-renowned British designer who has founded a humble yet luxurious style that has infused interior design at every level. As well as designing flats, houses, and yachts for an ever-expanding international private client list, Kelly also undertakes commercial design projects including hotels, restaurants, office spaces and aircraft interiors.

Kelly’s Dining Area in West London

At first glimpse, Kelly’s house characterizes the Kelly Hoppen look in its deepest form: it is a serene and neat space, modern in feel and with a pale color palette. But, a skill with which Kelly is often not credited enough is her mastery of spatial design. It is no mean feat to create a layered, organized and visually lively interior out of a vast open space, while still reveling in the magnificence of its magnitudes.


Kelly Hoppen’s Modern Dining Room

Parallel to the living room in Kelly Hoppen’s London house is the dining area, with a table that can accommodate 30 guests. A likewise long kitchen, at one end of which is a more friendly dining area, completes a triumvirate of zones.

It took six months to create the right shade for the herringbone flooring in the dining area, which contrasts with the dark hammered metal light above the table.  The bluestone surface of the six-metre dining table adds a somewhat rustic element, while beyond it suspends a hammered black metal lightly with an industrial feel; neither would be words typically used to describe her work.



Since the 1980s, Kelly Hoppen has become a household name in the chic capitals of the world. Frequently introducing her Western interiors with items selected with an Eastern viewpoint, she is a major of visual yin-yang. Naturally, Hoppen works in a color scheme that mergers neutral shades—soft taupes, rich chocolates and warm beiges—which she contrasts with dark wood that enhances demanding linearity to the luxurious smoothness of the material selections.


Get inspired by these heartbreaking dining room designs by Kelly Hoppen.


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