10 Black Accent Walls Dining Rooms

When we talk about accent walls, we frequently see red or black accent walls. Of course, there are other colors out there and even diverse resources or textures that we can pick from but when we talk about useful and adaptable design, we’d commonly choose black or red, occasionally even gray because it just works well with a present plan you have in mind.

Since we are talking about black accent walls, you should go ahead and check out the list that we have created for you today.

Villa Nirvana

black accent wall

First on this list is a stunning dining room in a villa. The chairs in itself speak of class that I think everyone would agree on with a matching golden table. What’s great about this space is that it did not look tacky at all. It’s one concern I usually have when we try to place a lot of fancy things in one space – and this one just has enough of it which makes it well for it.

Old Town Remodel

black accent wall

An accent wall that serves as a divider for the dining table and the living room – well, what about that? A nice way to not cover an entire wall but just enough to separate the spaces.

Renovated Villa

The beautiful black wallpaper in this dining room looks like something you’d only see in the movies! People always love a traditional yet classic black and white combination simply because it works and looks gorgeous however you make them be.

Nunawading Residence

A black accent wall – just when you thought that you’d want a red brick wall for your house, your designer gave you black ones! Well, I think that you should thank your designer because this space looks extremely stunning!

Townhouse Apartment in Belgravia

See how the black accent wall works in this special nook in this home that has a comfortable gray sectional that caters to this small dining table. Since this space is real small, I would like to think that this is actually a special nook this apartment has for those breakfasts or snacks you do at home.

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Pre-War Bachelor Pad

The black wall in here is basically a tiled portion of the wall which I was telling you about; accent walls does not necessarily have to be normal paint you add to your space.

15th Avenue Castro

Another black printed wallpaper that contrasts with all the white walls and ceiling that this space has. I also think that they did a great job in using a white buffet table to break the black wall. Adding a long wooden dining table and unique chairs – now this is one beautiful dining space!

Townhouse Chelsea

Chalkboard walls are all the rage in today’s home design – they’re nice and functional at the same time which works for a lot of people.

Bond Street Triplex

black accent wall

This is one interesting dining space actually and as much as they already have this lovely black accent wall, adding a focal point like a painting or a mirror, for example, made a whole lot difference in the entire look of this space.

Z Apartment

black accent wall

A contemporary space – which could actually work in any house but this one seems different. Gorgeous chairs, buffet and dining table.


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