How to Decorate the Dining Room with a Dazzling Wallpaper

Whether it is adding color, shape, style or consistency, there are few easier ways of renovating the mood of an interior than wallpaper. The last few years have seen a surge in patterns, and all those who shunned it in the 90s and worked super-hard in trying to scrub wallpaper off of their bedroom and living room walls are once again shopping for new patterns! While we will not call it a full-blown revival, wallpaper sure ranks high on the trends chart in 2017.

There are plenty of fun ways that you can add it to your existing dining room. There is no lack of patterns or colors to choose from, and you can pick one that exactly matches your dining room ambiance. So delve in and find out more about adding wallpaper to the dining room.


There are plenty of times when we are left wondering why homeowners do not pay more attention to the ceiling and the untapped potential that it holds. Well, now is your chance to add spunk and sizzle to the dining room with an unexpected twist by opting for a wallpapered ceiling.


They say that the classic, tried and tested methods are precisely that for a reason; because they work so well across eras. Using the wallpaper halfway up in the dining room is one such timeless approach that never fails. It gives the room a tasteful elegance that is unmatched and turns into a visual treat.


Create a lovely accent wall with beautiful wallpaper.


Fun dining room design with striped walls.

This one shapes the perfect backdrop for the brilliant blue accents.


Take a different route this time by doing away with paint and opting for wallpaper instead, as it gives you greater variety in terms of pattern and finish when compared to paint. Make sure, though, that you have the right lighting to let the accent wall shine through.


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Minimal wallpaper adds pattern to the dining space.


Instead of draping all the walls in the dining room in stripes (which can become monotonous), we suggest you take a sleeker option by using the striped wallpaper to highlight a specific architectural feature or nook in the room. Smaller stripes are ideal for more modern settings, while traditional dining rooms benefit from broader strokes. And then there is the exciting chevron pattern for those who wish to mix things up to drive away boredom.


So here is a wonderful little bridge for those with design commitment issues, as you can test the waters out with these lovely framed wallpaper pieces. Just hang them as art pieces in the dining space, and if you really love them, you can think about a quick overhaul in the coming months.



Black wallpaper is for those who have a flair for the dramatic.



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