10 Audacious Dining Rooms with Brick Walls

As holiday season events start to take center-stage, the dining room is once again the major highlight in households across the world, and a brick wall dining room is a great choice.

The brick wall dining room pools a feel of antiquity and alluring warmth that is purely unmatchable, and even the most modern dining spaces can integrate this dreamlike without going overboard. While a fast makeover with brick finish works for several people, others may prefer to take away sheets of the surface that cover the stunning brick walls already existent in their home. No matter what style you have currently in your dining room, there is always a possibility to complement a brick wall feature.

In the season of delight and festivity where the dining room swiftly ends up becoming the go-to spot for friends and family, today we take a look at 10 magnificent brick wall dining rooms.



Lovely recessed brick wall in the dining room with geometric wooden shelves.



Lighting highlights the beauty of the painted wall in the dining room.



Industrial-minimal dining room with a whitewashed brick wall backdrop.



Ladder shelf and snazzy pendants for the contemporary dining room.

brick wall

Innovative dining room design transforms you into a Mediterranean-inspired setting.

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Dark accent brick fashions a dramatic focal point inside the contemporary dining space.


Dining space in the corner of industrial living area with a conservatory roof.


Exquisite contemporary dining room dazzles with custom banquette, decor and a pinch of greenery.


Industrial dining room with a fabulous finish for the exposed brick room divider.


Exposed brick wall, lighting and a wooden table for an industrial loft-inspired dining room.


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