14 Modern Dining Tables To Be Inspired By

When we talk about crucial pieces in a modern dining room, the dining table is, with no doubt, our first thought. This is the piece that defines the whole space decoration and that can effortlessly become the statement piece of this room.

Get inspired by these modern dining tables full of charm and with a unique grace.

Intuition Dining Table by KOKET

intuition dining table

The Intuition is the right choice for a modern living room. This exclusive design is capable of bringing an empowering look to any room decoration thanks to the spiral shape base in black and gold.


Bonsai Dining Table by Boca do Lobo

bonsai dining table

Let nature inspire your dining room decor with the Bonsai. Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic, and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make the Bonsai love at first sight.


Koi Dining Table by Brabbu

koi dining table

If you prefer the aquatic side of Nature, Koi can be the perfect answer for your dining room. Inspired by the scales of the beautiful fish with the same name, this rectangular dining table with glass top will be the perfect way to improve your dining room design.


Allure Dining Table by KOKET


If you want the dining room to be the space where you’re spending family time, a round dining table is a right choice. This dining table has a very ladylike design that will give charm and elegance to the room.


Heritage Dining Table By Boca Do Lobo


The Heritage is a highly sophisticated piece inspired by Portuguese history through the use of traditional hand painted azulejo tiles. This exclusive dining table combines the best design with the perfect comfort to dinners with friends and friends.


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Agra Dining Table by Brabbu


If you want to create a luxury dining room you have to choose the right resources. Agra is made of marble and has sophisticated brass details, this combination creates a beautiful design piece.


Empire Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


The Empire will give any dining room the luxury interior design of the great empires. The combination of different materials is stunning and sophisticated.


Obssedia Dining Table by KOKET


Obssedia is a good choice when you want the dining table to stand out in a room decoration. The exclusive design of the gold base is bold and results very well.


Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


Fortuna creates a shiny and glamorous look due to the polished brass structure. This table really stands out in the room.


Apis Dining Table by Brabbu


If you want to get an extravagant interior with a touch of rustic decoration, Apis is the right choice. This unique piece has a wood top and designed imperfections.


Yasmine Dining Table by KOKET


If you love fashion and interior design this contemporary dining table is the perfect choice for your fashionable dining roomYasmine is a central piece to any space, the contemporary design will have everyone doing double takes.


Royal Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


With the Royal you can give a royalty look to your dining room. This wood dining table has the power to improve a room decoration and give it a more exclusive look.


Enchanted Dining Table by KOKET

modern dining table

Nature is always one of the inspirations of the best interior designers in the world and it is present in most of them luxury interior design projects. Enchanted is the perfect luxury piece for you to add to a stylish dining room where you want to add a touch of Nature!


Newton Dining Table by Boca do Lobo

dining table

The combination of the color blocking created by black and gold gives a glamorous look to the dining room. Newton can give a luxury interior design look to any dining room.

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These modern dining tables combine the best and most exquisite materials with an exclusive design that is capable of improving the room decoration of any dining room.