A Look Back To Matteo Thun Impressive Dining Table Design

Do you recall the impressive dining table from Matteo Thun inspired from the Venice gondola stops along its canals?

impressive dining table

impressive dining table

It was during IMM Cologne when the well known innovative brand Riva 1920, first presented a poetic project: ‘Le Briccole di Venezia’. Designers and artists were asked to work the ‘Briccole’, posts made of chestnut oak arising from the Venetian lagoon, into objects.

impressive dining table

One impressive example is the table by Matteo Thun. The massive wooden planks corroded by tides turn a simple everyday object into a narrative piece of history.

impressive dining table

Matteo Thun & Partners develops projects in the fields of architecture and design. The studio consists of a team of 50 professionals, including architects, designers and graphic artists.



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The Project “Le Briccole di Venezia” you can find a serie tables but the one designed from Matteo Thun is  definitely the most impressive dining table.


The finished pieces place emphasis on the history of change of the material: wear and tear, wood worms, all are still visible in the transformative nature of the designs. the wood is unsealed- it will continue to change, stain and patina as it used and ages in its new environment.

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