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Best Brands: Trend Report from Maison et Objet 2016

It’s time to say “au revoir” to Paris after exploring the first big trade show of the year – Maison et Objet. For this edition, the worldwide tradeshow has reorganized the halls into three new hubs: Luxury, Design, and Interior Decoration. From smart gadgets to luxurious and unique decoration pieces, M&O has featured some of the most remarkable brands of this industry. Take a look ate this special selection made by the Modern Dining Tables‘ Team!

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Fendi Casa presents creations made by the French designers Thierry Lemaire and Toan Nguyen, the stand’s brand overflowed luxury and exquisite taste.



This was Boca do Lobo‘s first tradeshow this year, a celebration of luxury design and furniture, with the presentation of five new design pieces and four that are being showcased for the first time. Empire Dining Table is one of these outstanding novelties that represents all the essence and charisma of this brand.



This year, Maison Valentina mesmerizes all visitors with an amazing design collection and the most iconic pieces already created by the brand.



Antolini Italy is the skilled craftsman that takes what belongs to nature and transforms it into a fine, elegant masterpiece. Synonymous with unique, sophisticated, luminous surfaces, it is the heart that gives new life to the original material.



DELIGHTFULL’s vision is focused on the best combination of high-quality design and high-quality craftsmanship. The brand’s pieces not only illuminate interiors but they also add strong design presence to the spaces with their unique forms.



BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle.



Circu was built under a dream. In a certain way, is the ultimate proposition of being free, colorful, innocent, naive, fun and extremely “bubbly”, and it’s like this that we want to seduce the world.

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