Discover This Contemporary Rooftop Bar in Beirut Inspired By Asian Temples

Beirut’s new rooftop bar, BAU, the Mesopotamian goddess of healing, designed by Rabih Geha Architects sits on the waterfront and offers views of the city’s skyline.


Discover This Contemporary Rooftop Bar in Beirut Inspired By Asian Temples


Drawing inspiration from Asian temples’ designs and their monumental presence in their communities, this luxury rooftop bar is characterized by high walls, repetition, symmetry, and rhythm.



Featuring different textures, vibrant colors and fluid movement between indoor and outdoor spaces, the new modern rooftop bar follows a color palette of natural greens and strong vermilion reds, used to signify happiness and joy. The architects said that the colors are aligned with harmony and then juxtaposed against the monochromatic flooring.


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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo



“It was important for us to create an open, light and airy space to emphasize a connection to the outdoors, which is often seen in Asian templates,” said Rabih Geha, the founder. “These temples have small passages wrapping around the central space, which we brought into the design.”

Upon entering this rooftop bar from the street via an external panoramic glass elevator, lit with vertical red linear LED strips, guests are welcomed at the custom-designed Verde Guatemala marble counter, lined with thin brass strips.



Throughout, smooth finish concrete grey flooring and walls, consisting of dark red steel panels, define the space. The back area is clad with a custom wall of eight-millimeter grating laser-cut panels that feature hollow tubes forming the lintel, skirting and separation. At the bar, green metal tubes resembling bamboo columns blend with the marble bar surface, while, at the back, an arch is adorned with a sculpture of this luxury rooftop bar herself.



For luxury furniture, Rabih Geha Architects custom-made round and rectangular tables, which feature a steel base and Verde Guatemala or Verde Levanto marble tops and brushed brass edging. Complementing the tables, are custom-made upholstered low seating and custom-upholstered stools.


Photography: Tony Elieh/ BAU

Source: Architectural Digest


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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo