Two Fantastic Dining Tables in Two Regal and Contemporary Dining Rooms

Million Dollar Homes With Dining Rooms Worth Millions

When we think of luxury we think of exclusivity and lavish features, with custom-designed and unique pieces. Lately, a house has become more and more the extension of one’s personality. It’s how we express ourselves and want to welcome our family and close friends. And even though the definition of luxury and dream house can change according to one’s idea of uniqueness and style. Everything is still considered when creating a space, from the floors to the walls to the faucets in your bathroom, everything counts when we want to show who we are through our design. Today we’ll show you a fantastic Ebook that has 6 amazing million-dollar houses in it


Luxury Houses Vol. II: World's Design Projects

Boca do Lobo‘s Luxury Houses


Los Angeles, the City Of Stars And Movies! It’s in this cosmopolitan and ever-growing North-American city that we can find a luxurious and eclectic villa by Boca do Lobo Design Studio. Located in the Silver Lake neighborhood, just right between Echo Park and Los Feliz, this eclectic house dabbles in several styles, but the main goal was to create a perfect marriage between the contemporary and mid-century modern styles!

Imperfectio Modular Sofa

RedGold and Brown are the key colours of the interior design project and this amazing combination gives it length and the perfect starting point for different contemporary design concepts mixed with a great balance of mid-century modern pieces. A colourful and vibrant background where everything fits perfectly in harmony. From gold surfaces that express luxury to amazing solid wood pieces, this decor fits the Los Angeles high-end concept like a glove.

Bet Seller Piece: Metamorphosis Dining Table


multimillion-dollar penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectable design and the client’s need to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time. An apartment fit for the most creative mind, this project is one of the many homes of a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing world. The one-bedroom luxury apartment was fully designed by Boca do Lobo Design Studio.

White is the key colour of this amazing interior design project. It gives it length and the perfect starting point for different contemporary design concepts. A neutral and clean background where everything fits perfectly in harmony. From gold surfaces that express luxury, to carefully hand-painted tiles preserving history, and the final touches of marble, one of the noblest materials to ever grace our world, every detail is carefully throughout. The master bedroom, the tailored closet and the bespoke kitchen were the main challenges for the team in this exclusive interior design project. A fully functional office was also one of the architect’s imperative requests.

Best Seller Piece: Supernova Chandelier


If architecture and interior design are to be truly defined as an art form, this is it. Meet Jason Harris, CEO and Creative Director of UDesign Architect Studio in Saudi Arabia. The goal was to create a large-scale private residence that would have elements of a luxury hotel and family home. A place that was both comfortable and functional, ideal for family living and entertaining.

Two Fantastic Dining Tables in Two Regal and Contemporary Dining Rooms

Saudi Arabia is a hot, flat country, with very few green hills or trees. Everything outside is generally desert. For that reason, Jason and his team wanted to create a private self-contained oasis both around and within the core structure, with an imposing entrance to allow an uninterrupted view of the entire façade.

New Piece: Lapiaz Oval Center Table


A truly magnificent villalocated in one of the most coveted and fast-growing environments in the world, the grandiose Riyadh. Another house in a collection of curated houses created by Covet House showcasing various styles and inspirations around the world, this time striking in the United Arab Emirates. Set in the otherworldly landscapes of the luxurious Riyadh, the villa was designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib, from K.A. Interior Design in partnership with Covet House.

Odette Sofa
10 Colorful Dining and Living Rooms That Look Straight Out Fairytales

Showcasing 10 different and deluxe rooms, in a modern classic aesthetic where both architecture and decor blend together in perfect harmonyproviding a luxury allure, with golden details appealing and homaging the affluent city. Surrounded by many valleys, the development of the city was enhanced by numerous wells, palm groves, and green areas, becoming the perfect oasis of beauty and inspiration. Highly developed, this city was the perfect setting for another of Covet House‘s brilliant designs.

New Piece: Lapiaz Black Headboard

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Luxury Houses Vol. II: World's Design Projects


The name Marbella evokes thoughts of sunny days spent on the beach or golf course, opulent yachts moored in the marina opulent beachfront resort hotels, villas tucked into the folds of the hillside, and nights brimming with the glitz and excitement of a Mediterranean jet set destination for millions of people around the world. But in recent years, moving to this opulent resort town has also become increasingly popular.

If you’re looking for inspiration to fulfill your luxury villa with exclusively designed pieces in Marbella, you can’t miss this amazing project by Sandra Kurasz from Salonora Interior Design Studio and Raúl Vera from Marbella Studio.

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Luxury Houses Vol. II: World's Design Projects