How to Stylish and Perfect Your Center (And Dining) Table Decor

The Center Table serves as one more support in the main living space of a house: the living room. Because of their location right in the middle of the environment, they used to be always in the spotlight of the room. Making part of the decor, they can keep house trays, vases with flowers, candles, small sculptures and other decorative objects. Home Decor Ideas prepared this article with a center table selection, both possibilities and tips to choose to inspire you to innovate and improve the decor of your living room according to your style!

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Easy Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Most Unique Center Table: NEWTON 

Full of functionality, coffee tables are attractive and capable of giving a special touch to various types of decoration. Due to the diversity of models available, they can appeal to different tastes. Therefore, the coffee table can, in addition, delimit the environment and compose the decoration of the living room. And this everything according to your personality.

One of the most important things to consider when decorating a Center Table in a living room is the overall feel of your living room, including the colour palette and decor style of the rest of your living space. Do you love a cosy living room? Are you drawn to a modern look, with clean lines? Or do you prefer something in between? Knowing this will help you choose the type of decorative items to place on your living room table. Also, when choosing decorative objects for your Center Table, take into account how you plan to use the table. A coffee table might be used to display decorative items and books, to hold drinks and remote controls, as a footrest, as a dining table, as additional storage space, or as a place to entertain, play games, and do puzzles.

1. Start With Books

Coffee table books are typically the first things interior designers reach for when styling a space. A stack of design books, topped with a crystal, a strand of beads, or a small box or bowl, is the perfect way to decorate a center table – or any surface that needs a little something. Not only do coffee table books elevate your decor, but they also offer a great conversation piece and give your guests something to look at when they visit your home.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

pretty bowl or a basket filled with fresh fruit, or even whole walnuts, is a great way to add the beauty of natural elements to your living room Center Table. You can also play with different materials and natural elements, such as baskets, wood beads and chains, pottery, woven trays and bowls, shells, stones, marble obs, and so on.

The Perfect Center Table: EMPIRE

3. Layer In Some Decorative Pieces

Walk around your house and gather items such as sculptural objects, trays, lidded boxes, baskets, glass vases, accent pieces, mementoes from your travels, stoneware, pottery, bottles, and bowls. Grab anything that has visual interest and makes you happy. To help create your desired mood or feeling, remember to include things that are both beautiful and sentimental and reflect your personal style.

4. Don’t Forget Flowers Or Plants

Adding a vase of fresh flowers or a live plant is always a great idea for your Center Table top, especially if you have a glass coffee table or other surfaces that won’t be damaged by water. If you have a wooden table, a good way to incorporate floral arrangements and plants is by placing them in a large tray to protect the surface of your table. Faux plants and flowers are always a great option, too!

5. Finish With A Candle

We do love the luxurious look of a shimmering white candle on a coffee table. Whether you love a scented candle or prefer an unscented version, the coffee table or Center Table is a great place to add the beautiful glow and ambience of candlelight. Another easy way to add the look of candles to your living space is by using a few chunky wood candle holders or candle sticks to decorate your Center Table. They add a beautiful touch, even without candles.

Finish It With Marble: NAVARRA
Then, just keep editing and tweaking until you like the way it looks!
Which Tip Will You Apply To Your Center Table?
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