The Lapiaz Furniture Collection by Boca do Lobo Takes Inspiration From Nature

The Lapiaz Furniture Collection by Boca do Lobo is a magnificent fuse of art and design that shows everything that is incredible about modern art: true marvelous Craftsmanship masterpieces and symbols of power and refinement.

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The Lapiaz Furniture Collection by Boca do Lobo Takes Inspiration From Nature

Lapiaz Sideboard

The Lapiaz Sideboard originates from one of Boca do Lobo‘s iconic design pieces. Consisting of two individual modules, this modern furniture piece is finished in polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror, with a poplar root wood veneer interior.

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Lapiaz Cabinet

Much like this geological phenomenon, the Lapiaz modern cabinet is split in a unique shape, revealing a rich and alluring interior.

Lapiaz Console

Drawing inspiration from Boca do Lobo‘s emblematic Lapiaz line, this piece suits a variety of environments thanks to its graceful form through great Craftsmanship techniques.

Lapiaz Table Lamp

Lapiaz Mirror 

The organic features of this large mirror are achieved through the manual fitting of golden polished brass, finishes in polished stainless steel. Lapiaz Mirror is a stunning luxury furniture piece, a truly functional artwork piece and also honors the Portuguese Craftsmanship.

Lapiaz TV Cabinet

Lapiaz TV Cabinet takes excellent Craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Presented at Salone del Mobile 2019modern cabinet with a contemporary design is inspired by authentic karst formations created by surface dissolution, freezing, or thawing of limestone or dolomite rocks. Featuring different-shaped drawers and glass shelves, this luxury furniture and Craftsmanship masterpiece born from cold and freshly cracked to show off the world rich, golden details.

Lapiaz Side Table

Lapiaz Side Table is a truly unique furniture piece with a minimalist form, that boasts elegance and discerning taste.

Lapiaz Center Table

Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table with a contemporary design. The French word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by the surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. A marvelous and modern craftsmanship masterpiece!

Lapiaz Oval Center Table

Imagine a stone froze and freshly cracked to show the entire world a rich, golden interior: this is Lapiaz Oval Center Table, a remarkable luxury furniture piece by Boca do Lobo!

The Lapiaz Furniture Collection by Boca do Lobo Takes Inspiration From Nature

All of these compelling design pieces features unique details achieved through the skill of our talented artisans, finding balance in terms of shape, Craftsmanship, and materials. The Lapiaz Luxury Furniture Collection by Boca do Lobo breathes sophistication and delicacy, maintaining a light presence.

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