Michelle Nussbaumer Design The Glamorous Dining Room Ideas

Michelle Nussbaumer Design takes her love of worldly cultures and treasures to another level. Within its opulent pages, layered with tribal textiles, global glamour, and exuberant color, are both broad and detailed looks at Michelle Nussbaumer Design as well as wide-ranging projects. While there is much banter about the mix these days, Michelle lives and breathes it. With a passion for creating personal interiors that are alive with her clients’ possessions and artful additions, Michelle’s spaces are sensuous and precious. They are meant to be used, lived in, and constantly evolving. Modern Dining Tables share with you some magical Dining Rooms projects by Michelle Nussbaumer Design.

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A few meters up, on the second floor of Michelle Nussbaumer‘s luxury mansion, there is a unique cocktail bar that looks like it came right out of luxury design magazine.

Each of her designs features a sense of drama and discovery. Even in the most elegant interiors, there is a hint of the exotic, of history and far off places and eras, all grounded in sound principles of design. Here a timeless vignette of neutral grisailles is anchored by symmetry.

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“My goal as a designer is the eye-filling, eccentric, beautiful assemblage – a merger of the precious and the playful, pulled together with a century’s best bits and pieces and curiosities, enlivened with important art and antiques.” In this dynamic dining room, a contemporary brass chandelier mimics the shapes of the plates in Andrew Martin’s Cargo wallpaper.

Go bold! Michelle strives for every house’s “opening act” to “distill what each client loves down to the perfect expression.” Blue and white is a classic neutral but when layered with contrasting color and a dramatic piece that shares a cultural lineage – that’s when the magic happens.

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Michelle Nussbaumer Gives You The Ultimate Maximalist Ideas – The Texas interior designer has always had a passion for creating timeless spaces inspired by the furthest reaches of the globe. She is a visionary in turning Old World inspiration into modern, soulful interiors for youthful spirits.

Michelle Nussbaumer Design The Glamorous Dining Room Ideas
Michelle modeled this grand chandelier after a Turkish lantern. She writes in Wanderlust, “At the flick of a switch, light and shadow spill across the ceiling and over the walls in a fantastic filigree that transports you to the era of Scheherazade.”

With the firm understanding that life is too short to wear drab clothes, Michelle Nussbaumer applies this same principle to the walls of her eclectic and maximalist interior decorating projects. The interiors are smart, optimistic, and exotic, and also elegant.

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