Rougemont Interiors Projects

Rougemont interiors is an avant-garde design firm composed of talented and outstanding interior designers. Committed to designing practical solutions for every corner of the house, Rougemont are totally dedicated to each project, from conception to completion. They dominate the world of interior design, being recognized worldwide for their talent and breathtaking interior design projects.

Curious to know more about the Rougemont? So, let’s start with some of their amazing interior design projects, obviously focused on their excellent dining room designs!

RESIDENCE PINGUS – Luxury Hotel Residence

Take a look at this contemporary design with ample open space. With a color palette that varies between neutral tones and more sober tones, with the wood often serving as a highlight, it gives this interior design an impactful, elegant, and unique environment. The chandelier above the robust and round dining table looks wonderful in this interior design project.

Rougemont Interiors Projects


A long and imposing dining table completes the decor of this home. A unique environment created in an exceptional way by Rougemont Interiors. Perfect marriage between the neutral colors and the imposing lighting. It is the perfect combination if you are looking for gorgeous decorations – subtle but effective.

Rougemont Interiors Projects

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CHALET HOMER – Private residence in Gstaad

Fan of chalets? Then take a look at this one right in the middle of the mounts! This cozy and warm place has a neutral color palette that harmonizes with the furniture and architecture of the chalet itself. The presence of wood throughout the chalet makes this project luxurious, elegant, and with a unique environment. Here you can host a nice family gathering or a happy get-together with some friends. Amazing contemporary design by Rougemont interiors.

VILLA ZÜRICHSEE – Private Residence

Take a look at this dining room and be amazed at how it gives that luxurious and rural touch: a large dining table, four luxury chandeliers, and beautiful dining chairs to bring it all together. An outstanding interior design project by Rougemont interiors.

We are amazed at the incredible work of Rougemont Interiors. They are fierce and bold with their interior design projects and each one is surprising, don’t you think?

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Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo