Oversized Mirrors That Elevate Any Environment By Boca do Lobo

There are no rules when it comes to decorating any room with mirrors. No matter where you place one, mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, make the space look bigger, and open a room. A wall mirror is a great piece of furniture to reflect the beauty of any environment and because you are afraid to put on an oversized mirror that really makes an impact and captures the eye of anyone. We present you with several mirrors with unique designs to help you find the right one for your room.

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Discover with us this selection of oversized mirrors and see some of the fascinating creations of Boca do Lobo.

Glance Mirror

Chosen to be presented first to show you that an oversized mirror has the power to completely change the mood of any environment, becoming a piece of art in itself. The defragmented mirror concept brings out its most noble golden backdrop, where its unique beauty comes from the boldness to risk and challenge the conventional.

Venice Mirror

The Boca do Lobo Venice wall mirror thrills anyone who catches your eye, instantly turning any space into a luxurious environment. This beautiful mirror was cut and sculpted by hand by an experienced craftsman whose passion for glasswork dates back to his childhood. The perfect choice if you are looking for a unique design.

Angra Mirror

The Angra mirror uses one of the oldest known jewelry making techniques. Completely handmade, with each brass cord precisely assembled. Because it is so thorough and careful the whole process since it is made, this wall mirror gives the feeling of luxury environment in any room in your home.

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Lapiaz Mirror

If we talk about pieces of art, we have no doubt about this wall mirror. Alone, without any other decorative elements, on a white wall, this oversized mirror creates the right atmosphere in any environment, having the ability to shine by itself. Lapiaz mirror has the power to distinguish a more common design from the ultimate unique design.

D. Dinis Fragmented Mirror

This walk in closet is a dream and we must agree that this extremely oversized mirror makes the whole room have a unique design that is extremely enviable. The ultimate piece of art that works just as well as the focal point of the division. Meticulously handcrafted from the most skilled artisans, this accent wall mirror reinvents the concepts of classic furniture designs.

Apollo Mirror

If you are looking to give your home the feeling of unique design this piece is for you. Irreverent, unique, and grandiose are adjectives that describe it. This oversized mirror is the essence of style and will certainly add to the atmosphere of your luxurious environment.

Marie Thérèse Mirror

Represented by beautiful lines and special elements, the Marie Thérèse wall mirror from Boca do Lobo brings a breath of curves that embody the quality and integrity of a true piece of art. Fully representing the true power of an oversized mirrors.

Stay with us to discover more oversized mirrors!

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