10 Interior Design Tips Inspired By Coco Chanel

Article originally published on August 14, 2019.
Coco Chanels quotes on life, fashion, and interior design are timeless. Coco Chanel famously lived her life according to her own rules and we definitely support that. “An interior is the natural projection of the soul”, taking glamour to the next level, we couldn’t agree more. Inspired by this iconic character, Modern Dining Tables selected 10 interior design tips, that will help to achieve the modern dining room of your dreams, enjoy!

1. Simple is more dramatic

The most modern dining room is the simplest of them all. The secret is to make it simple, but significant. While the temptation is to fill your room with hundreds of home accents you love and adore, a more sophisticated look can be achieved by just cutting it all back.

2. Stick to your themes

To create a beautiful contemporary dining room you need to have some kind of theme running throughout. Having one room defined by simplicity and another with a vintage feel doesn’t work. Whilst changing the character of each room works, changing the feel doesn’t. Underlying themes tie in a feel of continuity.

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3. Lighting is everything

Lighting is the jewelry of your home, so you want to make sure it looks absolutely fabulous. Be sure to invest in pretty lighting with bulbs that bring out the best in you. The lighting in a home changes the mood of a luxury dining room just as it does the perceived size.

4. Reflections add dimension

Have you ever seen Coco Chanel’s apartment? The entire staircase was mirrored. She was notorious for having crystals, mirrors, and anything metallic and reflective. The reflective surfaces add layers and movement to a room and it makes everything just feel grander. Get yourself a gorgeous luxury mirror to stare into while getting ready or opt for a shiny luxury bar cabinet to delight your guests while serving them some champagne.

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5. Black and white are classics

When in doubt, decorate in black and white. It keeps things looking tailored and pulled together. It makes for a classic yet totally chic color palette. Go monochromatic! There are many ways to decorate your home’s interior with black and white and to create elegant and dramatic accents. Black and white Interior Design are unlikely to go out of fashion.

6. Florals are fun

Coco Chanel was a big fan of Camellia’s and always had them in her spaces. I love how in this luxury dining room, florals were brought in through beautiful wallpaper and it doesn’t look overdone. Find a small and simple way to bring your favorite florals into your space to keep it personal.

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7. Luxury is in the details

Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo

All the small little details are what give a space its luxurious feeling. When it comes to interior design we spend so much of our time designing, choosing colors, luxury furniture, and the layout, but sometimes forget the detailing aspect of it. This luxury dining room is unique thanks to details: gold and black together with the artworks on the floor, on the wall and even on the luxury dining table.

8. Stick to a palette

Every interior designer has a color palette that she sticks to. In this case, Coco Chanel is black, white tan, and gold. When you always have a strict color palette to stick to, you can’t go wrong when out purchasing for your home. Create one for yourself so that your style will be your signature.

9. Stay true to your soul

This quote says it all. What does your home say about you? You want the story of each room to speak to who you are or who your family is. Don’t use furniture pieces that you don’t like or you don’t identify yourself with.

10. It’s about more than content

While making choices about what goes into your home is the biggest decision, we cannot overlook things such as smells. This is how your house can turn into a home, and it’s as simple as a spritz of your favorite air freshener, lighting the best candles, or purchasing an indoor plant. These are some details that make all the difference.

What do you think about these interior design tips? Are they useful?

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