Roche Bobois – Discover These Luxury Dining Table Designs

Roche Bobois is the story of two families, the Roches and the Chouchans, not predestined to meet. In 1950, Jacques Roche purchased the old Alexandre Dumas theater on rue de Lyon and built two stores. Right now, Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution working closely with renowned designers.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Ivresse dining table by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni


Dining table with bevelled Rosso Levanto, Carrare, Iran Graphite or Marquina marble top and matte lacquer legs.

Designer and architect Roberto Tapinassi has been working in Florence for over 40 years as a furniture and accessory designer, assisted by architect Maurizio Manzoni with whom he shares an esthetic affinity. Their talent has allowed them to work in many diverse and various fields which range from nautical equipment, industrial design, interior design, as well as graphic design.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Serpentine Dining table by Fabrice Berrux and Frontline dining armchairs by Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti


Modern dining table with base in 96 black chrome-plated steel tubes, arranged in a semi-circle with the top in marble. Fabrice Berrux has developed some of Roche Bobois‘s most distinctive lighting ranges, including those made using innovative materials and techniques such as pleated fabric, altuglass resin and bulbs that can completely alter the ambiance of a space. His designs for Roche Bobois include the FLOWER, an homage to Andy Warhol and HOT-COLD table mats inspired by Land Art.

Dining armchair in reinforced cold foam with structure in steel and upholstered only in fabric. Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are constantly searching for harmony between people and our environment. Ardent advocates of positive design, their ethos is based on encouraging more interaction between people.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Girasol dining table by Patrick de Glo de Besses


Round dining table with 16-sides pyramid-like central leg with bronze mirror PMMA. Top with solid wood edges with oak veneer and 8 radiant quarters and Central decorative medal in brass.

Since 2006, Patrick de Glo de Besses draws and experiments alone objects and collections, highlighting forms that he strips to make them essential and primordial. Its forms then become expressive and free to develop into a system and then into a collection. From the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated, to the decorative, its objects favor open, appropriable functions which will be specified by the user.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Aqua dining table by Fabrice Berrux


Aqua is an understated achievement. It took incredible craftsmanship to achieve the crazy challenge of designer Fabrice Berrux – making an impressive marble base shaped like a drop of liquid for Roche Bobois. This curved shape continues from the ground all the way to the top.
It is available as a round or oval dining table


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Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Patchwork dining table by Raphael Navot


Contemporary dining table with a marquetry top in solid 3mm-thick distressed oak, separated by a black joint. Legs in defibered solid linden with Charbon stain.

Multidisciplinary, Raphael Navot identifies himself as a non-industrial designer. A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, he likes to combine artisanal know-how with contemporary methods, whether in his interior architecture projects or in his custom furniture orders.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

ASTROLAB 2.0 dining table by Roche Bobois Studio


The theme of exposed mechanics is the essence of the Astrolab 2.0. It is available in two finishes which each tell a different story. The Dark version features cool, dark tones that echoes the idea of gears and locomotives. The Champagne version features warm and luxurious tones and is reminiscent of the elegant watch faces of the 1950s. Each version comes with a remote control that allows you to expose the extension leaf and accommodate more guests. A luxury dining table by Roche Bobois Studio.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Agape dining table by Sacha Lakic


Dining table with two 40cm-long extension leaves with the top in 12mm-thick tempered glass, slightly curved on the edges.

Sacha Lakics fascination for fast luxury cars and motorbikes lends much to the aerodynamic smooth lines and graciously curved forms of his furniture designs for Roche Bobois. There’s a dynamism, a boldness, even an element of excitement to his designs that gives them a distinctive daring edge and timeless appeal.


Roche Bobois - Discover These Luxury Dining Room Designs

Jane dining table by Christophe Delcourt


Christophe Delcourt discovered the profession of editor within the workshops. There he built himself and learned the gesture, the material, the know-how and the requirement of high-quality furniture. Each piece bearing the Delcourt stamp is first and foremost the affirmation of this extension between the hand of the designer and that of the craftsman: a French excellence which prefers discretion to overbidding, but has nonetheless become one real signature.


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