Legacy by Boca do Lobo – Special Designer’s Edition

Boca do Lobo has recently launched a new edition of its design magazine Legacy. This edition is called Special Designer’s Edition which pays tribute to all groundbreaking, spirit-lifting and eye-opening designers.

In this edition, you will have the opportunity to be inspired by genially creative individuals like Martyn Lawrence BullardHumbert & PoyetLuis OnofreVista Alegre and more talents that challenge the rules of classic design every day.



Inspiration is our middle name, so, this year, we decided to make this even more special. Using some of our products and from brands that inspire us, we created these moodboards that are an essential part of Boca do Lobo‘s endless creativity.

Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition

1. Boca do Lobo’s Marie Antoinette mirror Restaurant 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Picassiete by Vista Alegre 4. Illulian Luxury Rugs 5. Paradise Vase Animal Life Figurine by Lladró
Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition

1. Shoes by Luis Onofre 2. Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo 3. N11 Chair by Boca do Lobo 4. Shoes by Luis Onofre 5. Donald: The Book 6. Mini Fragrance Sticks by Rituals
Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition

1. Kinesis by llulian Luxury Rugs 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Caring Collection by Rituals 4. Chic Stays by Assouline 5. Naturofantastic Vase by Lladró 6. Once Upon a Time Cabinet by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre
Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition

1. Ornellaia by Assouline 2. Mini Fragrance Sticks by Rituals 3. Primavera by Vista Alegre 4. Convex Metamorphosis by Boca do Lobo 5. Courting Cranes Sculpture by Lladró
Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition

1. Maka by Illulian Luxury Rugs 2. Shoes by Luis Onofre 3. Diamond Sideboard by Boca do Lobo 4. Courting Cranes Sculpture by Lladró 5. Floris Prato Iris by Vista Alegre 6. Floris Prato Peónia by Vista Alegre
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Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet joined forces to form Humbert & Poyet agency. These two architects decided to merge their skills to provide a full range of services from construction to interior design. Their projects focus on elegant and meticulous designs that create timeless spaces using premium materials such as stone, wood and bronze.

Florence-based luxury footwear brand Aquazzura opened its second boutique in Soho, the most fashionable district in New York. Located on 99th Prince Street, Aquazzura Soho is a boutique of 55 square meters with an original 19th-century façade. Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet pictured this space as a theatrical setting, combining striking graphics and elegant design elements.

Humbert & Poyet’s Aquazzura Soho boutique is a unique and poetic creation, made with materials that elegantly complement one another. It is a place where the reflections and matte textures of the materials intertwine and highlight the products, making everyone and everything part of the theatrical atmosphere.


Luís Onofre shoe inspired by Boca do Lobo’s Lapiaz collection

With the promise of never ceasing to impress, a couple of years ago, Boca do Lobo and Luís Onofre held hands and celebrated design in the most outstanding way. The Douro Mansion, known as Covet House, was the spotlight of this photoshoot.
This old mansion decorated by several brands from the Covet Group, truly enhanced the luxurious nature of Luís Onofre’s newest fashion collection.

Boca do Lobo and Luís Onofre joined forces in a sumptuous campaign, where the harmony between luxury furniture pieces and a spring and summer collection is extremely remarkable.


Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre – Pixel cabinet

When the finest craftsmanship and the best of contemporary design hold hands, breathtaking art pieces like Once Upon a Time are born.
Brought to life as re-edition of the iconic Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo and the celebrated hand painted porcelain by the renowned Vista Alegre, the exquisite Limited Edition bar cabinet seems to come from a fairytale.

Consisting of 1090 hand-painted porcelain triangles, painted for 500 hours, numbered and restricted to 8 editions, it contains an exclusive crystal and platinum bar. Collectible design pieces that rejoice the debut of Vista Alegre in the furniture field.

“This collaboration grew up naturally since Boca do Lobo and Vista Alegre share the same mission – to elevate Portuguese design and to create a long-lasting and bright future to the ancient craftsmanship techniques”.

– Marco Costa, CEO and creative director of Boca do Lobo

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Angra Sideboard


A new bloom raises in the land of metals. A whimsical artwork of intricate flowers is born to challenge the traditional concepts of finest craftsmanship, a unique piece embellished by the chiseling technique over a clean contemporary design.

With a forward-thinking aesthetic and 50 hours of hard-work, breathtaking metal flowers were manually sculpted and applied in the brass sculpture of the original Erosion stool, from Boca do Lobo collection. This new narrative of subtle glamour told by Mr. Abreu, a goldsmith with more than 40 years mastering metal work, which has created objets d’art that straddle the line between the fine and decorative arts.

Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition
Legacy by Boca do Lobo - Special Designer’s Edition


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