Best Dining Tables for Your Inspiration

In order to inspire you for new dining room interior design ideas, we prepared a list of the best dining tables to consider for your project. They are all different in style and character. However, one thing still unites them – they are amazing!


Proiezoni table by Salvatori

dining tables

The geometric design and contrasting tones of this round dining table will be a nice addition to your minimalistic dining room. It feels like two pieces of marble collided in order to become this integral item.


Bonsai by Boca do Lobo

dining tables

Nature has definitely touched this example of dining tables by Boca do Lobo, one of the top furniture brands. Its contemporary design conveys aesthetics and elegance. Moreover, this piece will also be great for art admirers due to its fascinating structure.


Claire table by Ulivi Salotti

This piece of modern furniture intrigues and makes a statement with its interesting metal structure looking like a cage.


Bon Ton Red table by Adele C

dining tables

Be brave to use bright accents with colorful dining tables. It will be especially eye-catching if you contrast it with calm plain walls.


Manta by Rimadesio

You will fall in love with this simple yet exquisite table made of marble. Dilute the white color of the table with a dark dining room décor to achieve the perfect look for your dining place.


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Side Tables Boca do Lobo


Azis by Pacini & Cappellini

Solid walnut base with interesting branching and bronzed tempered glass top are the aspects that make this example of dining tables worth your time.


Fortuna table

Look at this unique dining table! The sophistication and majesty of the item will never leave anyone indifferent.


Trepertre table by UpGroup

You can notice the Italian design features in this piece. Six supporting columns and black marble top are aspects that add elegance to it.


Icaro by Calligaris

Want to please your guests with something special and appealing? Then this example of dining tables was designed just for you! An optional tray that turns around will serve your guests perfectly.


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Inspiration Christmas Boca do Lobo