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Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living

A contemporary dining table is the focal point of your home. We offer a range of beautiful dining tables ideas to enhance both your dining experience and dining space. We selected some dining room table designs that are perfect for elegant and everyday dining.


Boulevard Dining Table


Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living


The Calligaris Boulevard is an extending dining table that features a fashionable ceramic top in a variety of finishes. This is complemented by a Matt Black frame with wood finish legs in many colors. The simple long extension allows the legs to remain at the corners of the table when fully opened and it is available in two extending sizes. This ceramic dining table has simple lines and great versality for a table that suits every living room.


Tavolante Dining Table


Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living


Tavolante modern Italian white dining table handmade with base in glass designed by Tonelli Design. The top can be natural oak, walnut or white lacquer. Other colors available upon request. is also characterised by a base in extra clear or smoked glass.


Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living


Millennium Wood Table


Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living

Contemporary Dining Tables to Inspire You by Lime Modern Living


The Bontempi Casa Millennium an impressive centerpiece wood dining table with a stunning angled frame. Available in a range of wood finishes, the Millennium comes in three fixed and two extendable sizes.

The solid wood version is a unique piece that follows the natural grain and curve of the wood and, because of that, some edges are wavier than others. The table top may also feature knots, natural cracks and variations in color owing to the authenticity of each tree. Any large cracks are filled with resin and the piece is finished in a durable clear matt lacquer. This provides a finish that doesn’t compromise the natural beauty of the wood grain.


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Console Tables Boca do Lobo



Planer Dining Table



Cattelan Italia perfectly marries form and function within the entire product range creating timeless pieces with elegant finishes.

The Planer glass dining table features a minimalist glass top on a stylized base in embossed lacquered steel. The 15mm glass tabletop can be selected in clear, extra clear with reverse slanting edges and bronze or fume mirrored glass options. It is also available in a range of square, rectangular and oblong sizes.


Fusion Dining Table



Designed by Bontempi Casa, Fusion round dining table is a centerpiece with a feature base, composed of entwined metal rings on a solid circular base. The metal rings are available in a wide variety of Metal, Wood or Super Marble ceramic options with a complementing metal edge. Fusion is available in various oval or rectangular sizes, including two extendable sizes with coordinating extensions at each end. It’s a very elegant, functional and contemporary dining table which fits every home.


No More Dining Table



No More 9110 black glass dining table was designed by Costantini Pietro. It is handmade and shown in glass with black lacquered metallic finish. This luxury Italian furniture collection features various metal lacquered finishes upon request.


We chose collections of indoor and outdoor contemporary dining tables offers style, innovation and quality. What do you think about them?


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