Homo Faber – European Craftsmanship Celebration

This fall will be commemorated by one of the greatest international craftsmanship events  – Homo Faber exhibition. Organized by Switzerland-based non-profit Michelangelo Foundation the event will bring together in Venice the best of European craftsmanship to showcase artisan works as well as establish its role in the design world.

Homo Faber – European Craftsmanship Celebration

Encounter with creativity, the craftsman, artisan’s tools will be possible on 14-30 of September 2018 thanks to the invitation of Europe’s finest designers and artisans and the visitors will enjoy both the creative process and art display.

Oscar Tusquets Blanca & Pere Ventura Sala

The collaboration between artisans and world-class international designers results in endless creativity and the magnificent pieces of art to be born and demonstrated to the wide audience.

Marble mosaic by Giulio Candussio

The exhibition will take place in the international cultural center located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the heart of the Italian city.

Homo Faber – European Craftsmanship Celebration

As a part of the event, Venetian masters will take the stage in the “Photographic ode to craftsmanship” by Italian artist Susanna Pozzoli. Especially for Homo Faber, she was photographing glassblowers, shoemakers, lacemakers, metalworkers and gondolas makers from Venice and the Veneto region.

Photo: Susanna Pozzoli

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Portuguese craftsmanship will be represented by exclusive furniture brand – Boca do Lobo demonstrating the art of Azulejo and Filigree.

Homo Faber – European Craftsmanship Celebration

Hand-painted tiles, or azulejos, are among the most iconic craftwork of the artisan from Portugal. Traditional paintings are masterly encrusted in the modern dining tables, cabinets, and sideboards.

Heritage Dining Table by Boca do Lobo

Filigree technique is delicate jewelry metalwork widespread in the North of Portugal and popular in Boca do Lobo’s furniture design.

Likewise  Michelangelo Foundation, Boca do Lobo preserves and promotes national craftsmanship by applying the traditional techniques when creating its furniture. As exhibition ideas in June 2018 the brand organized the Luxury Craftsmanship Summit in the city of Porto to unite the greatest craft and design minds. Such events are crucial for encouraging traditional craftsmanship and preserving the art of the artisan.

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Source: Homo Faber Event, https://www.homofaberevent.com/