The Best Restaurant Design Trends in 2018

In this article, we are going to talk about the best restaurant design trends 2018, so if you are a restaurant design lover, you will love this article. Usually, the dining room décor are made by luxury brands. This article has references of restaurants located all over the world like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Canada, China, Belgium, Sao Paulo and Madrid.

This restaurant design above is called Pink Mamma and is located in Paris. This modern dinning place has a huge 4 floors building, each level with its own identity from the street level to the rooftops.

North Audley Cantine is situated in London, and is a combination of pastel pink hues, plush velvet upholstery, curvy shapes and shiny brass have popped up everywhere. The designers of this restaurant design used in the dining design rounded shapes, rich-blue velvet seating booths, light marble table tops, bright-blue flooring, see-through partitions, mirrors and bespoke lighting – all by Gundry and Drucker.

This restaurant design is named Odette and stays in Singapore and was created by Universal Design Studio collaborated with Dawn Ng. In the dining area, the materials are used in simple and authentic ways, respecting their integrity and purity to create a soft and feminine space that celebrates craftsmanship. The light ambience is achieved with a soft pastel colour palette, natural oak timber, marble terrazzo with pastel pink grout, pink marble, and accents of nickel and brass.

The Botanist is located in Canada and it was designed by Vancouver-based Ste. Marie. Is a place where one can take breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. The bar is monolithic and sculptural, its shelves and mantles offer alternating references to early innovation and the powerful construction of the quarry. In the dining room, the focus becomes the subtle but rich, natural tones of limestone, granite, and wood.

The Yue Restaurant was design by Panorama in 2014 and it’s located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. A series of overhanging sculptures that resemble white birds in motion float above the central area. The dining area design contains natural elements of timber and bright grey and white marble in an open space.


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RAS is the new place for fine dining and it’s located in Belgium. The architects chose warm materials like natural stone and walnut in the restaurant’s interior. The room design is filled with chairs upholstered in green and black glass tables with golden accents. Combined with the original floor to ceiling windows and the large mirrors, the result is a unique setting for a classy and welcoming restaurant.

This restaurant design is situated in the heart of one of Sao Paulo’s most renowned public spaces, the central square within the Iguatemi Faria Lima building. It’s named Piselli and was created by Eric Carlson.
The restaurant’s dining room design is spatially delimited by a raised cumaru wood parquet flooring, and above, by a floating monumental box ceiling finished in a high polished lacquer smoked cedar paneling.

This restaurant design is placed in Paris, and is called Yeeels and was built by Rodolphe Parente. The main lounge on the street level evokes an institutional and revisited classic style, while the bar and the restaurant located downstairs suggest the sophistication and glamour of Parisian nights. These two floors are articulated around a majestic stair, composed of shiny brass oversized folding-screens and an impressive lighting installation reminiscent of a jewel.

This restaurant design over is titled by MaMa Kelly and is positioned in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and it has a very exclusive design. The co-owner and designer of the place is Rein Rambaldo and he says that there is secret bar there. This bar is only available for groups, and it is the only part of the restaurant that is not pink.

restaurant design

Luis Gutiérrez Soto was the builder by the Romola Restaurant in Madrid, which it’s described as a ‘marble-made tent in the galaxy’. Andres Jaque was responsible by the opulent interior design, and he used fiberglass and resin reinforcements attached to each marble plate create an anchoring system, which allows the hefty stone to be capable of resisting both compression and traction.


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