Outstanding Dining Tables By Luxury Uhuru Design

Uhuru Design is a furniture company dedicated to sustainability and creating timeless designs. Each of their dining design pieces is hand-made in their Brooklyn studio.


uhuru design

The Uhuru Design‘s Waterline Slab Table represents a creative new direction in slab table design. The table juxtaposes two claro walnut burl sections against a Negra Marquina Spanish marble, with all three cut to a clean geometric form that contains the rugged organicness of its elements.

Transmitting Uhuru Design‘s values, this table would be perfect for a dining room to express fundamental earth matter – wood, stone and metal – in a contemporary way.


This dining area table uses reclaimed ipe from the Coney Island boardwalk with a robust blackened steel base. Its dynamic pattern that emulates the iconic layout of the boardwalk manages to transmit a unique type of luxury.

Uhuru Design fits in the family of the luxury brands that love restoring the original beauty of the wood, and in the process uncover a warm array of tones that is special and singular to each table.


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Like diamonds, Uhuru Design defends that no two slabs are the same.  Grain, color, and natural characteristics are different in every one of them, making each piece unique.

Created from a one-of-a-kind hardwood slab set on a steel frame and a blackened or powder coated finish, this dining design promises to fit seamlessly into any luxurious room design.


Two half-inch thick steel plates stand side by side on each end of this table, offering a clean contemporary form with ample clearance for legs and feet to any dining area design.


The Bowen Table is created from 100-year-old flooring from demolished warehouses in Brooklyn, and its thick wood top sits on a blackened or powder coated steel base.

Since Uhuru Design‘s wood slabs are locally milled and dried and come from sustainably harvested trees, they have a regularly changing inventory of sizes and species.


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