Top Luxury Dining Room by Top Interior Designer Lyons Kelly

LyonsKelly was founded by architect John Kelly and interior designer Eoin Lyons. The practice offers architecture and interior design as a single integrated vision.
Eoin Lyons (top interior designer) and John Kelly (architect) have joined forces to become Lyons Kelly and, in this article, you’re going to be shown its top luxury dining designs.


Copper Extension


The top interior designers‘ initial goal was to refurbish the lower ground floor of a 1860s redbrick house to create a more family-friendly living space. A bay window was added to the rear creating a dining alcove and reflecting daylight into the kitchen. The improvements, while distinctive and clearly legible, are intended to be timeless.


City Chic


This top interior designers‘ living room’s overall result is elegant and comfortable and is part of a large house with different atmospheres on its various levels.


Yellow Brick House


This house’s room design was created to get light all day with the use of courtyards and clerestory lighting.

This yellow brick house’s dining room is 4-meter-high and its luxury brands decoration was conceived to lend a distinct personality but flow cohesively. Each of the main rooms has one outstanding specially commissioned piece, around which the rest of the space revolves.


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Eighties Re-model


In this eighties re-model, the top interior designers‘ goal was to conceive a large barrel-vaulted living, dining and kitchen space. The decoration reflects the owner’s quirky taste and is a mix of Scandinavian restraint with more glamorous elements, such as the dining room, inspired by the design of a French bar.


New tradition


This Victorian style top interior designer‘s house was bought as a shell, which meant the layout could be adapted to suit the client’s needs. Herringbone oak floors were selected to run throughout the ground floor to balance paler wall colors.


VIP Suite


This exclusive design‘s brief was to create an atmosphere with a distinctly Irish tone, so they took the concept of a traditional Irish country house and used key elements in a smart, colorful way. This meant detailed paneling, natural fabrics such as linen, antique furniture and a deep color palette.

The dining area was defined by a circular seating area at one end, complete with specially designed curved sofas, and wallpaper with a chinoiserie theme in reference to the nearby Japanese Gardens of Kildare.

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