10 Dining Rooms With Oversized Art

Oversized artwork and photography is one of the new trends for this season. It is simply impossible to not notice it and it might not be for everyone, but it is definitely fabulous. If you like to be bold in your design choices, this article is for you. Even though there can be many different kinds of rooms with oversized art, we believe that the dining room is an area especially great to try this new trend. Here you can find 10 examples of dining rooms with oversized art. Enjoy and get inspired.

rooms with oversized art

The first example we have for you today is extremely colorful and extremely bold. You see how everything is so simple and discreet, the oversized art is what calls for the attention in the entire dining room.

If you like rooms with oversized art, another option you can choose from is to make the art piece match the rest of your furniture. As you can see in this image, the color tones match perfectly in the whole room.

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Another idea for the rooms with oversized art is to choose a piece of art very simple and with light tones, this way it will call for attention with its size but not the colors.

It’s always fun to play with what you have. In this example, there’s a bird in the painting and the contrast of the colors between the painting and the dark wall, gives the illusion that the painting is flying as well. Such a beautiful trick you can use for rooms with oversized art.

Another example where the colors match perfectly. The oversized art calls for attention but at the same time it transmits a feeling of belonging.

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If you opt for intense colors, you will give a very dramatic effect in your dining room. It looks amazing and nobody will be ale to be indifferent to it.

Once again, an example to show you how you can be intense and dramatic with the size of your art in the dining area but discreet with the colors.

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rooms with oversized art

The contrast between the colors of the wall and the oversized art is simply amazing. Certainly the topic of conversation in many dinner parties.

Now we present you a very different kind of art but still very impressive. This one is fitting the entire wall and has the attention of the whole dining room.

Finally, here’s an example of a dining room with oversized photography. It looks stunning.

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