10 Memorable Movie Scenes Set At The Dining Table

Many films use dinner table scenes to inform audiences of the relationships between characters. In these movie scenes, the result is often explosive or, in many cases, a normal dinner scene turns into a very odd and bizarre situation. Here you can find a list with 10 memorable movie scenes set at the dining table.


movie scene

This movie scene from American Beauty is simply incredible. The movie lore claims that Kevin Spacey‘s plate-smashing freak out was completely improvised in order to evoke the most surprised reaction of his co-starts. Here’s an advise, if Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) asks you for the asparagus, just give pass them to him.


Charlie Chaplin has endless of iconic movie scenes. Here we chose the dinner-roll dance scene as one of the best and memorable movie scenes set at a dining table. This scene has been parodied several times, and you should check the original one and get amazed.

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This iconic prison dinner of Goodfellas is something surreal. These gangsters eat better at their prison dining table than most of us eat on the outside. They have lobsters, steak, wine, scotch, etc. It is an amazing movie scene from a great Scorsese movie.


The famous and iconic 5$ Milkshake scene is unforgettable. Most of Tarantino’s dialogues are unforgettable and this in particular happened in a dining movie scene in Pulp Fiction. This scene happens in a fictional 1950s theme restaurant, which is a very rich and bizarre setting for this scene. After complaining about the priced milkshake, John Travolta’s character ends up admitting : “Goddamn, that’s a pretty f*cking good milk shake.”


This is the most horrific movie scene of this list. We strongly advise you to not share your dining room area with Dr. Lecter. In this scene, the dining table looks very fancy and the food is served with the best Chianti, however you might not enjoy what he has chosen for dinner as you can understand by looking at the face of his dinner guest.

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It is simply amazing of how a children’s movie can show us so well how it is to taste special food and to have a special dinner. We chose the climatic movie scene of Pixar‘s Ratatouille, in which the jaded critic Anton Ego finally tries Remy’s ratatouille. As he bites it, we understand the transporting power of food – as in a single moment, Ego is transported back to his childhood home in the countryside. At the dining table, while we eat, we all search for these Epiphany bites, which can trigger emotional responses and these are related, not only with how the dish tastes, but also with how it makes you feel.


One of the most memorable movie scenes from Edward Scissorhands is when Edward is trying to eat at the dining table. Obviously he has a lot of difficulty to eat and no one can forget when Edward uses his full concentration trying to eat this pea.

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If you invite a skinhead neo-nazi for dinner, the possibility of having a heated discussion about race at your dinning table is very high. In this movie scene, that’s what happens and this became a very memorable scene from the movie American History X.


In this movie scene, the conversation at the dining table also gets very heated up. Robert de Niro gets very mad as his wife overcooks his beef: “You overcook it, it’s no good. It defeats its own purpose”. This became another iconic scene at the dining table from another great Scorsese’s film.


Who doesn’t recognize this brilliant scene? Lady and the Tramp’s dinner must be one of the most famous movie scenes by Disney. It has been re-created countless times, but nothing’s quite as charming as the original.

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