10 Chalkboard Dining Room Designs

The Chalkboard design trend has made its way into modern homes and became a desirable feature with its contrasting color palette. It offers a black canvas where your family and friends can express themselves and have some fun. The chalkboard is perfect for any wall in your home stand out but especially the dining area. Here are the top 10 Chalkboard Dining Room Designs for you to inspire!

The chalkboard contrasting with the rusticness of the dining table, the simple white chairs and the peak of color in the little details really make this simple dining area into a more cozy and comfortable space for your children and your family hang out. The design of this room was created by Nellie Bellie.

The overall chalkboard wall gives this dining area a more sophisticated look with its dark color palette. The great thing about this dining area designs its minimalist nature, strong, clean lines, and raw, utilitarian appeal.

However, minimalistic chalkboards really are a greater asset to your dining room. The room lighting and the white color walls make a great backdrop for this stylish room that contrasts nicely with the typical rustic wood of the dining tables.  Paying attention to little details really make your dining space more modern.

In this dining area design what really makes a difference is the attention to every single detail – from the small chalkboard to the modern dining table and even the pillows.

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Once again, the small chalkboards proved to be a great complement in a space that tries to combine a country vibe with a more contemporary design. The white colors contrasting the rustic decoration of the entire room make it a perfect place for family meals.

 The chalkboards are a black canvas perfect for your children to express themselves, so, using the colors to contrast with a light wall color turns your dining space into a more playful place.

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The sophisticated chandelier combined with the simple but colorful decoration make a perfect example of the contemporary aesthetic. However, a chalkboard on the wall makes an interesting canvas to this moody modern dining space.

 Showcase the upcoming menu in the chalkboard and even if the wall is in a private family dining space, the interactive ability just makes the whole experience of family get together around the table so much more fun. The interior of exposed-brick-wall combined with the modern table design really gives a contemporary feel to this dining room.

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 Painting all the exposed walls with chalkboard paint and turn your dining space into an art studio, homework center and all around a place to express their artsy abilities. The peak of color in the lamp is a great complement to your chalkboard wall room.

chalkboard Brightly colored chairs surround a rustic dining table makes a dining room lively and casual complemented by the chalkboard. The sky’s the limit when it comes to chalkboard design it’s all up to you and how you to present it.

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