Trendy Duo: Dining Room & Library Bookshelves

The dining room is the place of our house where we share great food with great company. For those to whom books also mean great company, there is nothing better than a dining area with bookshelves in it. It is time to finally let your book collection see the daylight and turn your library into a modern dining area, where you can not only read books but also spend quality and precious time with your friends and family. These brilliant library bookshelves serve more than carrying books, they add decoration and give life to your dining room.

These dining rooms are also home libraries and they combine form with function and style with space-savvy solutions. Here you can find some dining rooms with library bookshelves that every book lover will want to have:


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These dining rooms all have one thing in common: the brilliant bookshelves on the sides. However, that does’t mean that the style is always the same. On the contrary, the dining area designs can vary from modern, contemporary, eclectic and traditional styles.

Contemporary style examples


The dining room space is usually limited in most of the modern homes but it’s very easy to add a couple of tall bookshelves in this area. This specific style has endless offers and possibilities but modular bookshelves are always a smart option, as they take almost no space and yet they still give the cozy library wanted environment. It is also not surprising that the favorite colors, of most people, for the contemporary style, are white and grey (as we can see in the images).

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Eclectic style ideas


Even if most of your house has a modern and contemporary style, picking an exotic and different style for the dining room is always a fun option. This will turn the dining area into a unique style, where you will find a lovely space to have fun with your friends and family but also where you can read your books and disconnect from the rest of the world.


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Go more traditional

Dining room

Finally, there’s nothing more refreshing than styling your dining room between a modern and a traditional style. Picking a wooden table and wooden chairs will be the perfect combination to add to an environment that is filled with your favorite books.



This Coleccionista Bookcase by Boca do Lobo can be placed or against a wall or it can serve as a separator division.