Discover the Sculptural Table by Ronda Design

Quasimodo Table by Adriani & Rossi Edizioni for Ronda Design

Intuition surfaced polishes and an abundant personality is the words to use, to sum up, the Quasimodo table. It is instantaneously eye-catching thanks to the extraordinary shape of its base and its tremendously contemporary surfaced mood.

Quasimodo is a sculptural table, with substantial designing yet simultaneously an adaptable look; this distinctive feature makes it appropriate for all living room and contract settings at the medium to top end of the market.


High-impact textured blend

The characteristic feature of Quasimodo is its base, which is made up of a structure of tinted metal asymmetrical polygons. Highly unique and ornamental, the metal construction funds the lavish table top, which is available in a standard quadrangular form or with original and unusual unbalanced borders.

The variety of tops to pick from is extraordinary, containing black glass or brushed concrete. This latter material makes it conceivable to work on very thin thicknesses to lend the table greater elegance and a light-weight appearance.

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Quasimodo’s adaptability

The Quasimodo table has a substantial yet not unconventional look, which mergers in effortlessly with many domestic and contract surroundings; it can be used in any living room or used as an executive desk or a generously-sized meeting table.

The metallic DNA of Ronda Design

ronda design

Picking and handling metals are in the company’s very DNA. Ronda Design claims decades of knowledge in this business. Ronda Design’s assets include being a manufacturing concern, shared with outstanding projects, technique skills, and care, as well as the capacity to blend diverse supplies to generate unparalleled goods for the living room in the incessant chase of improving design excellence.

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