Tom Dixon’s ‘Melt’ Light Series

Tom Dixon is a self-taught British designer. He is currently the Creative Director of the brand ‘Tom Dixon‘ specializing in Lighting, Furniture and Accessories.

The designer loves the idea of creating the imperfect, of coming up with creations that defy design in all aspects. And with this mindset, that is out the Melt series was created. The essence of this series is to have an imperfect, organic and naturalistic lighting that evoke scenarios like the deep space, melting glaciers or a molten material. This lighting design was created in collaboration with FRONT, a Swedish design collective.

Tom Dixon’s Melt series creates an extraordinary optic effect and cast an amazing luminosity on their surroundings. When turned off, the lights by themselves have already an outstanding contemporary design, but it’s when they’re turned on that the whole creation comes to life and turns into a remarkable lighting piece and changes the ambiance of the entire room.

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Melt lights are created through a process of blow molding and vacuum metallization to achieve melted orbs with abundant and unusual luminosity. This was a technique that took the brand many years to make it as perfect as it is, the mirror finish of each pendant is then thoroughly created by the highly technical process of vacuum metallization conceiving a luxury lighting piece.

The Melt series presents various pendants in different shapes and colors, Tom Dixon really created a series perfectly adequated to your luxury dining room design and to offer you an absolute unique fine dining experience.


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