Hermès High-End Tableware

Hermès is known for their fashion accessories but the French brand keeps innovating and has some marvelous creations under the sleeve. Discover Hermès‘ amazing high-end tableware universe!


Bleus d’Ailleurs

Roughly translated to ‘Blue Elsewhere’, this collection brings together the daily life and the imagery of travel on your table with a graceful nomadic blue. A story of “white and blue” made up of endless journeys between Europe and the Orient brought directly to your dining table providing you with an amazing high-end experience.

Mosaique Au 24

In homage to the mosaic which covers the floor of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the historic Hermès store, the geometric friezes in matte grey tones, enhanced with platinum, play with the light.

Balcon du Guadalquivir

The graphic, bold scenery recalls the ironwork of Andalusian towns. The sturdiness of the drawing, the vitality of the color red, and the wealth and variety of the pieces make it a noble table service.

Carnets d’ Equateur

Jaguars, macaws, panthers, and impalas frolic through lush natural settings under the watchful eye of naturalist and painter Robert Dallet. This porcelain collection breathes new life into the full range of the artist’s work, from spontaneous sketches to hyperrealist gouache paintings.

Cheval d’Orient

Intricate and refined decoration perfect for your dining table in the style of Persian miniatures, with forms inspired by elements of a horse, harnesses: Cheval d’Orient recalls the Silk Road caravans and the conviviality of the Orient.


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A Walk in The Garden

This collection tells the story of an English garden, of a place where flowers and forms flourish. A place where colors engage in informal dialogue, as familiar friends. Designed by Nigel Peake, the palette is made up of four subtle, almost primary hues: bright orange, leaf green, buttercup, and Prussian blue.


H Deco

The Art Deco wrought-iron friezes, which adorn the Hermès 24 Faubourg and rue de Sèvres stores, are inspired by H Déco, a very Parisian tea service, stamped with the initials HH, around which an intricate black-and-white decoration spirals.


Voyage en Ikat

Inspired by ikat, an exceptional weaving and dyeing technique originating in Asia, Voyage en Ikat celebrates intermingled uses and an ongoing dialogue between East and West. More than twenty hues centered on sapphire, ruby, and emerald, are enhanced by 24-carat matte gold and come to life in designs woven “thread by thread”. This is the ultimate high-end tableware.



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