10 Amazing Dining Tables for your Dining Room

Dining tables have a major role in one’s life and if you’re one of those people that value the unforgettable moments spent around one but also have an appreciation for luxury brands I hope you particularly find what matches your style and personality best.


Heritage Dining Table – Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo’s hand-painted exclusive design is inspired by Portuguese history. Each azulejo strip is focused on the craftsmanship that covers the country’s beautiful and old monuments. Its gold polished brass and sepia azulejos base supporting a large glass top will certainly give a sumptuous turnaround to your room design.


Venice – Francis Sultana

If you’re all about statement dining tables, this one is for you. The art of scagliola is considered to be one of the favorite high-end techniques and its gilded bronze base and exquisite round top make this a very exceptional table.


Rebuchon – Christopher Guy

Luxurious modern dining tables don’t necessarily have to be extravagant, sometimes just a delicate touch leaning towards simplicity does the entire job in the room. If you prefer a simpler piece to complement your dining area design Rebuchon is a perfect choice.


Van Dyck – Minotti

This table has the perfect combination of luxurious and sophisticated finishes. You can adapt this table to your dining room’s theme and style. The base and top come in different shapes and finishes thus you become the creator of a unique piece for your own room.


Galileo – Fendi Casa

Galileo steel structured round elements will give to the dining room the ideal dramatic impact you were looking for.


Koi – Brabbu

The perfect dining design is just as essential as any other design for your home and that’s why Koi’s impeccable golden elements stand out from the regular dining tables and will truly enhance your dining room’s life.


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Littus – Luxxu

This one is a very powerful table for the dining room, the spiral gold-plated brass in the middle combined with the marble black top delivers the right amount of luxury to your home.


Allure – Koket

Its interlaced iron base resembles a body figure. Allure is a simple and sophisticated piece with a gold powered base and a bronze tempered glass that will look amazing in your dining area.


Ópera – Poliform

Through its light hues, this table will show you how dining tables can light up the entire area. Made of wood and marble this piece will certainly give you authenticity to the dining room.


Bonsai – Boca do Lobodining tables


This manually produced piece will truly stand out in your dining room. This entire table is made from wood and its contemporary bold lines bring the exact aesthetic you’re looking for in dining tables.


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