Dark Walls That Add Coziness to Any Dining Area

Modern Dining Tables brings you today some tips on the colours and home decor to use when choosing dark walls for your dining area. Dark colours add coziness and warmness to any room design, welcome to the dark side!

Dark Walls That Add Coziness to Any Dining Area

Add some artwork to your dark wall in order to keep it bright and not too heavy. Dark brown is a popular choice, it is never out of the game since it is a timeless trend and adds a rustic touch, cosier and warmer to your dining design.

Dark Walls That Add Coziness to Any Dining Area

Love the lighting fixture on this dining area design. Now dark green, that is a trend. It has been a trend since the past few years, and goes well with a mix of woods, natural light wood and darker one. The scandinavian touch given by the dining chairs here is a fresh twist and looks perfect with the green wall.

Dark Walls That Add Coziness to Any Dining Area

Dark blue mixed with some whites is the perfect tip to get a coastal look and it is part of the summer trends for this year. Add some white dining chairs with dark dining table or the other way around to make a contrast and still continue the line of the coastal style.

Dark Walls That Add Coziness to Any Dining Area

As we’ve seen before, dark brown is a really popular choice when choosing the perfect wall color. However, you can add some variations, make it unique, give it your own twist. Some stripes with a lighter color create a balance, a contrast, a line for the rest of the furniture to follow.

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Dark grey is the perfect choice when aiming for a more rustic or industrial style. However It works better in a room full of natural light and plenty of accessories, so it looks alive and beautiful.

Nowadays, people are opting for a minimal look, even for the dining design. So if you have a minimalistic style and modern clean furniture, blacks will look perfect. Keep the furniture simple and clean, opt for whites and light woods.

Matching floor and wall is hard to do, and if you try to combine the furniture with a dark wall and floor using the same color or shade, that is even harder. In this particular example it worked, mainly because of the light and bright dining table and also because of the wall decor since it is light and makes a contrast.

Use an accent wall with a pattern or texture to create a breeze and a balance between your dark wall and your furniture and decor. Lots of lighting fixtures or sconces help brighten up the room and enhance the beauty of its design.

Big chandeliers enhance the power of a dark wall. Blue is the warmest color, I’ve heard them say. So take advantage of some shades of blues, it is never out of trend and it gives a cozy and soft touch to any interior design.

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