Discover Roberto Cavalli Rose Jewel Tableware Collection

This next images about Roberto Cavalli Rose Jewel Tableware Collection will inspire you how to decorate your modern dining table and your modern dining room.

Roberto Cavalli

As this porcelain is very flowered, we advise you to combine it with some neutral pieces to contrast with as you can see on the first picture, the third dish is white.

Roberto Cavalli


This is the opulence of a real precious jewel is reproduced on this service where the intense red of the coral and roses, the brightness of the pearls and the platinum thread blend well with the white of the fine china.

Roberto Cavalli

This tableware will look perfect at your modern dining table and will shine at your friends, family or business dinner.

If you want some decoration ideas, and the best design for your diners keep watching this amazing project for luxury meals.


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This collection is composed by 9 pieces with an incredible exclusive design.


This modern collection of tableware will combine perfectly with your luxury furniture.


And the best way to surprise your meal guests is to provide them some luxury tableware designed by luxury brands.

Roberto Cavalli has a lot more of collections, so you can chose another one, but this is the most adequate to the season of the year we are passing through. But you can always combined and personalize the porcelain according to the decoration of your luxury dining room.


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