The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona Barratt

Fiona Barratt Interiors was formed in 2006 by the award-winning designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, one of Britain’s leading figures in the international interior design world. Today, Modern Dining Tables brings you her most outstanding dining room projects around the world.

The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona BarrattEden Side Table by Boca do Lobo

At the Savoy Hotel in London, Fiona focused on its 5 star rating and created a glamorous suite with a dining and living area and a kitchen, all together in a very modern open space sort of design. To do that, and still follow a luxury line, Fiona’s design features amazing exclusive brands such as Boca do Lobo with an amazing Eden Side Table and Brabbu.

The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona Barratt

This project of a private residence in Moscow, Russia, brings an eloquent and warm vibe, with strong colors like the orange. The golden pendant lights above the stunning wooden dining table create a glamorous atmosphere without loosing the cosiness.

The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona Barratt

On this residence in Chelsea, the chandelier is the statement piece of this dining area. Its industrial touch combines perfectly with the rustic shads on the wooden furniture. The dining chairs give it a more sophisticated look so as the natural stone on the counters.

The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona Barratt

The Best Dining Room Projects by Fiona Barratt

This dining room set is a bit more glamorous and sophisticated, with a classic design full of elegance. The wall lighting design is outstanding, very unique resembling to the natural growth of a plant. The chocolate shades on the walls makes this dining design one of the most peculiar and beautiful.

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Now clearly this is not a residential project given the dynamic and amplitude of its design. This dining area design is a much more complex one, where all the elements come together in a futuristic look, full of connexions and implying focus. This dining space is part of a project of a luxury office in London, with an open space concept and futuristic industrial elements like the pendant lamps. 

In Mallorca, Spain, Fiona Barratt created an amazing outdoor dining space, with a rustic and yet elegant design. The natural light wood on the dining furniture makes it look a bit more casual, being complemented with rustic chairs. Although, all combined result in an amazing design.

On this residence in Northumberland, Fiona has chosen to save some space creating a nice modern dining area with a very contemporary design taking advantage of a corner on the house. Using a modular bench instead of chairs, this design saved plenty of space as well as it became super trendy.

For a ski chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, the exclusive designer Fiona Barratt opted for something more formal and luxurious, it is a luxurious destination after all. Velvet dining chairs and dark wood made it work for a warm and sophisticated design.

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