World Interiors Day: Celebrate Importance of Design and Architecture

The World Interiors Day is around the corner and it is an amazing reason to actually celebrate some arts. Modern Dining Tables would like to raise awareness today about the culture of interior design and architecture. This article will also feature some of our favourite designers and architects along with theirs designs. The oficial date of the World Interiors Day is 26th of may, although it is celebrated the entire month of May.


World Interiors Day: Celebrate Importance of Design and Architecture

Jorge Cañete featuring Boca do Lobo project


Hosted annually, World Interiors Day (IFI WID) is a long-standing program that engages a broad range of people and communities around the world. The program is structured around a theme selected by IFI’s professional community of Interior Architecture/Design associations and their members around the world.


India Mahdavi project


Whether your are an exclusive designer, an architect, a student of just into this kind of art, your are invited by the IFI to participate in every activity happening around the world to celebrate the art of creating homes. you can yourself create your own activity, as long as you acknowledge that this is a matter of great importance.

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Marisa Gallo project


Creating borders is fundamentally something we do ourselves. Whether it is to protect us and our identity, or just because we were taught to do it, it sometimes may create division. IFI WID 2018 challenged all its participants to explore other cultures and break the boundaries that we ourselves have created. Doesn’t matter if you are into luxury brands, or just something more casual and rustic, design can connect us all.


Ryan Korban project


To participate on this celebration, you just need to submit your evento n the oficial website and then celebrate it, take pictures and vídeos and share it with the world. To celebrate this day you can open studios or art galleries usually closed for the public, raise awareness of the importance of architecture and design around your town and local government, do an art event or a trade show for everyone to see the work of a designer, etc.


Joyce Wang project

Since we are here everyday to tell you about dining tables and dining areas, can you imagine now your life with an empty dining room? No furniture because there was no one to design it and produce it. What about your whole house? Someone must have put your thoughts and dreams into a project to build it. Architecture and interior design deserve to be appreciated, valued and respected. It is more than just a job, it is a form of art.

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