Dining Room Color Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is the most beautiful season, with the flowers blooming, strong colors everywhere, sun, everyone seems happier. It gives us a feeling that something must be changed, renovated, so why not your dining area design? Why not just giving it a different touch by painting the wall or purchasing new and trendy furniture? With that feeling we start to wonder about spring trends, but today Modern Dining Tables will tell you about the color trends for Spring 2018.

Vibrant deep red

Dining Room Color Trends for Spring 2018

Dining Room Color Trends for Spring 2018

On the wall, on the furniture, home accessories, doesn´t really matter where, but this vibrant red must be part of your room design for sure. It is modern, a 2018 trend and it gives life and personality to your dining area.


Minimalist pastels

Dining Room Color Trends for Spring 2018

Dining Room Color Trends for Spring 2018

Forget about a black and white dining room, those colors are over, now it is time for minimalist pastels to shine! Even on furniture, like dining tables or chairs, it looks good, with a scandinavian touch.


Your own color mix

This one is super trendy where you choose different colors according to your life experiences and memories. For example, sandy yellow because it reminds you of a beach you visited with your lover, or deep blue for a lake you saw once with your best friend. This way you create your own color palette.

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Tech Green

It is more modern and playful and perfect to create a beautiful contemporary dining room.


Blues, blues everywhere!

No matter about the kind of blue, deep teal, velvet blue, dark blue, doesn’t matter. Blue is the biggest trend for this spring, actually it is trendy in every room and not just for your dining design. It is fresh, clean, modern and trendy!

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