Style Your Dining Room In Minty Green Shades

Mint green is the color of summer: fresh and amusing. A color that is deliciously serene on the surface yet as refreshing as the taste of a spearmint icecream. The perfect touch of fun to a dining room that looked quite boring, mint is a timeless shade that bonds gracefully with many other colors.

Mint green could be the missing color element in your dining room. Whether in details or full on, take a look at our suggestions and have fun in your dining room decor.



Have you ever thought a full mint green dining set would look cool? We bet not, but you night think again. This set in different shades of mint mixed with wood could be a real statement in a minimal dining room.


Style Your Dining Room In Minty Green Shades


If you want to be more subtle, adopt chairs on this fresh hue. They can make the whole difference when the space is decorated in full white or light tones.



Don’t be traditional, add a couch to the table set! If you are sick of seeing the usual chairs, a mint green couch is the perfect soluction to turn the space into a peculiar contemporary interior design.


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When in doubt, a chandelier can be the turning point. This piece of luxury furniture will add another dimension to the room: let the light in!



A mint green wall is the way to go if you want to make a dining room appear bigger, but not want the typical white room. It adds a touch of freshness, while making it a dream to be in.



If furniture or walls are too much for you, you don’t have to be left out this trend: charming table decor can make any dinner better, so why don’t you try it and turn your table into something even your guests can’t envy?


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