10 Outstanding Dining Tables To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Often, when a living space is small it is the dining table that is neglected. But neglecting a dining table should be forbidden, this piece of furniture can add personality and make a statement in any room. Imagine having dinner with your friends in an exclusive design table: you can’t deny this is an imperative piece.

Often, when a living space is small is the dining table that is neglected. That will not be a issue anymore with these luxury designs we present you.



A round dining table is one of the best solutions for a small dining room. Besides being a colossal save of space, it also is great for gatherings with close friends and family: it gives a cozy feel for intimate conversations.



To make an impact, try out geometrical shapes. A square glass dining table with a base that gives life to any small room.



If you’re not big on statement tables, take a shot on charming chairs. Velvet and pink could be a perfect match to go with your luxury furniture.



As a bold design lover, you can’t go wrong while mixing black with gold. A small dining table could use some color elements to pop up on your luxury design.


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Pedestal bases are usually great because you can fit extra guests around the dining table without table legs getting in the way. Mix a contemporary design with a daring color like black.



A dining table does not need to be set in a boring traditional color, try red or other warm tones to spice up the room.



Statement pieces can match perfectly with other statement pieces. Forget this old fashioned idea and take a chance with this magnificent table by KOKET.



Light colors ,as white, are the perfect way to make a small space appear bigger. Also, it makes a great match with gold accents.



A dining table in marble will stand out in a small room, With such a dazzling design, it’s impossible to stay detached.



Wood can also be an accent to add to a small room, gives an intimate feeling while playing with other textures as metal and velvet from the chairs.


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Source: ElleDecor