Pantone’s Ultra Violet: Decor Ideas For Your Dining Room

Pantone’s Ultra Violet is the color to go when you want to add a touch of personality to your dining room. Catch our ideas for a contemporary but fearless and luxury decor.

Ultra Violet on the one sense evokes a sense of creativity and fantasy, and on the other, a sense of balance and harmony.

“Dramatically provocative and thoughtful” it’s a color known for being a symbol of confidence, counterculture, unconventionality, mindfulness, mystical and spiritual qualities.


1. Sideboards and Consoles

Update your classic sideboard or cabinet by adding a touch of violet in your room for an understated yet luxury touch.

These outstanding furniture pieces in shades of purple will obviously steal the show, but we garantee that your dining room will be the trendiest out there.


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2. Walls


If your a bold one, go for walls. Purple walls may seem a little too much, but you might look again.

The unexpected bold wall paired with light and neutral colors keeps the purple from veering gloomy while adding a touch of drama.


3. Bold chairs


What about ultra violet chairs?

Ultra Violet offers a whole spectrum of opportunities, that is the interesting part about this color: gives you the needed freedom to use it as you want, from light to dark, from fearful to fearless.

Play with materials and finishes and bring mystery and a dramatic pop of colour into your room with astonishing seating pieces.


4. Table Decor



You don’t have to go Ultra Violet all the way. If you are not that brave, details and small decoration pieces in purple shades are for you.

Use it in your table as accents in your dining room decor, inspiring your guests to have original conversations about the future. This is a great way for introducing color to this space.