How to Decorate The Dining Room With Luxury Mirrors

Before placing a mirror into your dining room, you should consider its shape and size.
Wall mirrors add glamour to a room and the best thing about them are its reflective qualities: they can make a space look bigger than it actually is.


Wall mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers thanks to their ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly. This hand-cut and carved mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.


What better than a fish-eyed mirror to add edginess to a dining room? Composed by a set of hand-made brass nails, this luxurious mirror embodies the strength and character of noble ages through a modern approach. Plus, its polished brass has a hand-made engraved texture, making each piece unique in their finishing, size and character.


Cromio lacquered wood, hand-cut mirror. What seems confused and cluttered can, in a glance, acquire a new meaning, capable of inspiring and becharming your dining area. The concept of a defragmented mirror brings out its noblest gold backdrop, where its unique beauty comes from daring to risk and challenge the conventional.


Apollo names this generously sized wall mirror featuring a highly decorative starburst shape, enhancing any home environment. It’s an eye-catching modern design mirror that boasts essence of style and it will certainly boost the atmosphere of the dining room, with its set of thirteen frames in mahogany, convex mirror supported by turned wood spindles and involved ornate carvings.

dining room

Resorting to one of the eldest jewelry making techniques known, this filigree worked, hammered and polished mirror’s structure is made from brass cords gilded in 18k gold. A true work of art, this luxurious mirror will pay tribute to values like heritage and craftsmanship in any dining room.


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A mirror will always be an object that evokes luxury and supreme beauty with an inexplicable mystical appreciation in any room design. Inspired by the controversy behind Marie Antoinette’s time in the French Court and the lavish lifestyle led by the last generation of French Royal Family’s, this mirror represents the importance given to greatness and extravagance, from its size to finishing details – hand-carved on the mahogany mirror frame.


There is nothing finer than a gorgeous mirror to set off the décor in a dining room, and this set of ten classic overlapped mirror with different sizes and frames finished in golden leaf rusted in high brilliance and a grey mirror will create a new dimension in your space’s dining design.


Materials like black lacquer and brass are combined into a perfect harmony in order to create this masterpiece. This art piece will match seamlessly with modern dining tables and in any dining room.


Just one gorgeous wall mirror can enhance and add depth to even the smallest of spaces, but layering in even more mirrored items is next-level stuff. Gold, iron frame outlines the five glass “teardrop” mirrors feature this dining area design.


Wall mirrors are a piece of decoration that’s not only functional but beautiful as well.
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