10 Dining Table Design Examples With The Most Unique Leg Structure

If you’re looking for the differentiation factor in a dining table design, any table will just not do. And in this article, we are certainly not giving you normal; we’re showing you the most unique leg structured dining tables.


Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration for dining table designs. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of who’s looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high-quality materials.

With black lacquer brass spheres with high gloss varnish finishing and some gold-plated spheres on the base, the table’s top is composed by brass circles carved with a golden texture similar to a wood texture and is certain to make your dining area pop-up.

And because we need even more unique dining tables, here it is: the one and only Newton Gold Myrtle dining table design, gold plated brass spheres finished with high gloss varnish on the base and a top made by an amazing myrtle burl veneer, finished with a high gloss varnish.


The Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics and enticement, these dining table legs add a one of a kind design to its unique table surface texture and an incredible finish.


The Empire’s dining table design symbolizes generations of gatherings and decisions, both in times of celebration or tension. Its legs’ cracks reflect tough times, revealing a gold interior in a manifesto towards power. Flawless and bright, the remaining surface points towards a thriving future, reminding one to toast to prosperity.


Dining room table lined with hand-painted tiles and modules of wood composed by polished brass and beveled mirror, this dining table design piece is inspired by Portuguese history through the use of traditional hand-painted azulejo tiles. Its noble design features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, beveled mirror and azulejo strips and a tempered glass top.


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Metamorphosis Dining Table’s surface is made of walnut root veneer and includes special textured details that represent a fossil.

According to Boca do Lobo’s quality signature, this dining design embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting and hammering and polishing, executed by some of the best craftsmen in the country. A unique product for those who have a peculiar taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual room designs.


The dual personality of this dining table design is beautifully combined: Baroque meets clean lines while reflecting Boca do Lobo’s philosophy of challenging the past through the future.

Made from wood, each of its details is executed with precision, from its frame in a baroque and minimalist faceted style, to its unique tabletop, in a palisander veneer patchwork collage, finished with a high gloss varnish.


Table made from wood with an irregular surface and faceted form, totally manually produced, this table’s bold lines sets a good example for modern dining tables with a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.

Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make this dining table design love at first sight.


This dining table design is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, with natural color mutations that reveal their capacity to adapt. Featuring a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic, this rectangular dining table will add refined elegance to any dining area design.


This dining table’s gold-tone metal ribbon reveals carefree and unexpected swirls that are guided by emotions and desires. Its mesmerizing golden base is topped with a perfect glass circle top.


dining table design

Woven seduction and polished glamour leave nothing to chance in this stunning dining table design. The beauty of the construction and the simple yet dynamic silhouette set the tone for moments of indulgence. A sophisticated glass top rests on the interlaced exotic iron base.


There are so many amazing designs out there that make the choice even more difficult, right?
We hope this article helped!



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