6 Tips On How to Decorate The Dining Room by A Professional Designer

Everyone gathers at the dining room for meals, which is why this is a space whose room design you want to make, at all times: hospitable, spacious and astonishing. And, most of all, you want to feel proud of it, no matter the size.



Designers actually advise a table’s shape to be oval or round because, in case extra chairs need to be gathered around the dining table, it’ll be more accommodating for the guests.
And here you have two outstanding moments of inspiration by luxury brand Boca do Lobo, with pieces created in order to mix up the best in contemporary furniture with luxurious details and high-quality materials.



And just because your dining design is more on the cozier side, that doesn’t mean you have to skip on an audacious piece of lighting. These Delightfull’s funky modern chandeliers will look perfect as a centerpiece to hang over a dining room table.



Any meal should be comfortable, and the furniture itself aesthetic and practical; so here’s something you may have never thought of: an armless chair tends to offer more flexibility when extra seating is needed.
Keep your guests comfy and/or a vivid splash of color with a selection of cushions to sink back into.


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Take inspiration from these picture’s exclusive design and hang a large piece of art in the dining room.
You should hang it low so that it’ll be at eye-level when your guests are sitting.

6 Tips On How to Decorate The Dining Room by A Professional Designer



The combination of rustic with the luxurious decor in a dining area is surprisingly polished and fresh.
Also, contrasting colors result in a clean color palette with a timeless vibe.



If you take time to dress your modern dining table with elegant candlesticks, a vase and even a luxe cutlery in burnished gold, you will add a sumptuous feel to your dining room.


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